Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mount/Wagner Game Thread

Written for your enjoyment by: RAFF

15:51 to play in the first half. The Mount leads 5-2 over Wagner. 3-of-12 shooting combined by the two teams. Not a very clean start to the game.

Big solid move by Barber but he missed the dunk.

I've had some internet connectivity issues. The feed keeps cutting out. I think it is on my end. But not really sure. It was a brutal first half. The Mount trails 27-19. You can't win consistently if you try to outdefend people. At some point you've got to score points. It's the same old thing over and over again. Very disappointing. I'd like to tell you they are going to play well and win the game in the second half, but I have little confidence of that happening.


Let's see

4-12 from the foul line

4 points combined from Cajou, Goode and Beidler.

no offensive movement.

No hint of a fast break

And what looks like a lack of desire.

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