Sunday, February 07, 2010

Another one in the books

Written for your enjoyment by: RAFF

With 11 minutes left in the game Cincinnati had 15 second chance points. For further proof that that was what was keeping them in the game - consider they didn't have one in the final 11 minutes. Syracuse ran away at that point - and finished off their 23rd win of the season at Ed Jucker Court 71-54.

A good win on the road for the Orange.

Syracuse did it all without Wesley Johnson. Or vitually all. Yes the transfer played. The injury that took him out of the game against Providence earlier in the week, didn't keep him from playing against UC. But foul trouble put him on the bench - and rendered him virtually ineffective. But JB knows his players and never went back to Wesley and the Orange kept increasing the lead. Cincy actually led 49-48 with a little more than 10 to play. So you've got to be pretty concerned as the opposition down one with 10 left on the road in a conference game and your star on the bench with four fouls. But Boeheim and the Orange never looked better. They closed the game on the 23-5 run and won with relative ease.

Andy Rautins took a couple of questionable shots early in the second half, but the marksman did finish with 20 points. Kris Joseph was a true force off the bench and Scoop Jardine gave the Orange some quality minutes off the bench to help the Orange to the victory.

Connecticut is up next on Wednesday - and despite the Huskies recent struggles - you can expect the emotions to be high. We'll see who the hero is Wednesday.

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  1. Richard10:45 AM

    Hey Raff guess what. I have decided to not attend the MSM-Bryant game. Instead, we are rocketing to the MOON on Feb 20th with Rutty shirts on. Howevaa' we will carry our Mount shirts and the terrible towels they give away at Knott Arena. I will make dam'n well sure that I wave those in front of RatFace Rice and brat Green. I will cheer on our next NEC pro player while there as well. Ya gotta love Mr. Rutty and Mr. Caffeine(Feldeine). They are two dad-gum Good-e players aren't they? So Raff, where do you think the real Goode will end up after beating Alabama St. or Jax St. in Dayton? What region- cuz I'mma going!?