Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My buddy Tom Fahey

Written for your enjoyment by: Ray Curren

The phenomenon of home-town announcers is always interesting depending on your perspective. For instance, John Sterling, the Yankees' announcer. Biggest homer ever. But Yankees' fans love him. So I meant no disrespect to anyone, just trying to keep things interesting.

Anyway, for kicks, check out which keeps track of NCAA officials. Tom Fahey has officiated the Mount four times this season, and they are 2-2 in those games. The last time he did a Mount game before that was Feb. 7, 2008 - a loss to Wagner. Before that was Mar. 4, 2007 - which was a loss to Central Conn. in the semifinals of the NEC Tournament. He really doesn't ref too many D-I games, which is interesting.

Raff and I talk about our Syracuse nemesis Jim Burr all the time, and thanks to this website, you can compare the two. By the way, Jim Burr has reffed 78 Syracuse games in his career. 78, the most of any team. They are 4-0 this year with Burr officiating, but he did 4 losses last season, including two to Louisville. So if I see him on an SU-Louisville game (and there are two left), it's time to worry.

Rest assured, other than Quinnipiac (and maybe Sacred Heart), I want the Mount to succeed. One of my lasting memories from college was a young Mike Tirico yelling, "Let the celebration begin in Emmitsburg, the Mount is going to the dance." with Raff jumping up and down in the apartment (and you really couldn't jump too high in our apartment).

One last thing, granted high school is different, but I wrote this column for the local paper here in Connecticut two months ago. Refs are people, too, I think. Although I've never really asked.

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  1. icepack6:38 PM

    Thanks for the nice writing. I agree with your points in general, but as a life long yankee fan (I played ball for 3 years with Torre), I must quote what someone else wrote:

    "Sterling makes my skin crawl with embarrasment. A franchise that prides itself on a commitment to winning and the Yankee way hires this clown. The fact that they resigned him a year or two ago is even worse. New York baseball fans deserve a smart and efficient person in the booth. One that is more concerned with giving a listener an “accurate” account of the game instead of trying to make sure a lame catch phrase can be heard for the 500th time".

    On the other hand, the YES TV NYY crew is a lot classier.

    So who assigns these officials? How best to get a decent crew?