Friday, March 12, 2010


Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Hello and thank you for calling the Mount Sportsline...........

That is the number I used to call and the response I'd get. When I was a kid that was how I found out if the Mount won or not. At least when they were on the road. There was no internet - no updating scores on the bottom of ESPN - and for a long time not even a radio broadcast. So, I'd religiously punch the numbers in about 2 hours and 15 minutes after tipoff - hoping for two things. 1) That the line would be updated and I wouldn't catch hell when the phone bill came for needing to make 2 long distance calls - and 2) that the Mount won. They might not have necessarily been in that order. But who knows.

10% Off RingCentral Office - first 3 monthsSo why do I bring this up now?

Well there have been a few complimentary things said of the Fan Blog and my writing over the last few weeks. And I just wanted to say thank you for noticing. It's nice to be appreciated. But I really don't think what I am doing is anything special. I like to write - and at times it becomes very therapeutic for me - and I like the Mount. In addition, I like hearing what other folks think of the topics that I write about.

I don't think we'll ever set any page view records on the Fan Blog - and it isn't about that for me anyhow. Instead, its just about being the guy on the end of the phone. The guy updating the sportsline - letting other folks know what I already know.

Once again, thanks for reading - and thanks for noticing.

Please don't anyone call the number - it is no longer in service - and I'm sure has been reassigned.

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  1. icepack1:35 PM

    Damn, I remember dialing that number a thousand times, for all the reasons mentioned and with all the anxieties. I think I dialed in for every game, probably for 20 years.

  2. Good memories, Raff. I used to call for Penn State & Hershey Bears updates.

  3. icepack11:49 AM

    Here's a dial-in memory: This antedates the '447-6355' line - The setting is in a NYC tavern of no repute on St. Patty's Day, 1962. It is about 10PM.

    I call the NY Times sports desk and they tell me the Mount won 58-57. We all continue partying, but I don't believe the results BECAUSE the team had been victorious the night before by the same score!

    Newspaper next day confirmed 58-57 victory in the NCAA final game of the Division II tournament.

    MSM was indeed the National Champion team.

  4. Richard3:50 AM

    I used to do the same as well(call the sportsline). Heck that was back in the days that I used to ride my bike in the snow at times out to see games. Nice memory icepack, that was way before my time, lol. It is truly nice to see such devoted fans.