Monday, March 08, 2010

Celebrity Facebook

Written for your enjoyment by: LARGE
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Ben Roethlisberger just wanted to go to the club. What’s the big deal?
Plaxico Burress likes this.
Pac-Man Jones Big Ben, give me a call when this blows over. Let’s get our hillbilly on!

Tim Finchem (PGA Commissioner) Over here! Hey! Somebody look at me!

Tiger Woods only allows access to certain information. His chosen privacy settings will not allow you further access at this time.
Steve Williams I am Tiger’s privacy setting.
Tim Finchem Why won’t they look at me? Please come back.

Brett Favre is leaning towards retiring.

Andy Reid Donovan McNabb is my starting quarterback. So is Michael Vick. So is Kevin Kolb. Working out a system where we can throw the ball more than once on every play.

ESPN has officially changed it’s name to ESP90-XN

Brett Favre is coming back. Definitely.

Jim Boehiem nothing says edge-of-your-seat drama like a 19-46 game in the first round. The NHL used to let everyone in and look how successful they – oh…

New York Knicks took the quiz, “Which NBA All-Star will be on your roster next year?” with the result: error: are you crazy?
Cleveland Cavaliers like this.

Tim Finchem OMG, OMG!! The Masters start next month. Tiger, please, please, please call me!
Tiger Woods LMAO!

Danica Patrick Boys, I’m not in the race for a week and you have to go flipping each other to get people to watch…tsk,tsk,tsk.
Tim Finchem Danica, the Masters start next month. Can you swing a club? Please, please, please call me!

Brett Favre Just buy Wranglers and check back in mid August

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  1. Some Early Onions8:20 PM

    Not the time or the place for this post 'Large'. Your incredibly poor attempt at humor could not have possibly come at a worse time. You decide to take up space in The Fan Blog on the day after the Mount loses in blow out fashion to their hated rival in the NEC tournament to end their season?!?!?! Worst timing ever. I'm still in a horrible mood after having driven 8 hours total on a Sunday night (and then still went to work the next day) to watch this awful game and all I want to do is check the Fan Blog to see how others are feeling about the game, and I get here and have to navigate through this nonsense. Not at all amused.