Sunday, March 07, 2010

NEC Semifinal - The Mount @ Robert Morris

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

The Good News is I've got the Feed rolling. The bad news is that is Mary Poppins music for the warmup. Where is the mute button?

Cradlepoint Mobile Broadband Router MBR900 I'm pretty tense and nervous headed into this. I haven't liked the way the Mount has played the last two times out. The offensive effort hasn't been up to par - not to the level necessary. Also I just checked and the number has moved to Robert Morris -2 - so somebody thinks the Colonials are going to win. I hope they lose all their money.

I also feel like based on the way things went last week in Emmitsburg - where everything went right for the Mount down the stretch - that a close game might not work out so well. I'd like to see a comfortable lead down the stretch. And that might be very difficult in Moon Township.

The one thing we do know is the NEC Championship will be contested Wednesday night in Hamden Connecticut on the campus of QU at the TD Banknorth Center - or some fine hockey Arena. The winner of this game will contest the Bobcats.

So I'll have my thoughts and comments as the game rolls along  - and hope that you can post some of yours in the comments section.

My feed it looks like the game is being played in slow motion. I don't think the Mount will give up 47 again in the second half... that has been a surprise to me. There was a time when I actually felt pretty good with the way things were going. But Robert Morris has a good offensive plan and is doing the job both inside and out. But the feed I'm getting is beyond choppy - so its really tough to tell too much at all. I'm holding out hope.

Let's Go Mount.
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  1. We have a media guide which gives you accurate pronunciations of our players names. It's really not that hard when you're a broadcaster to take a minute and make sure you are saying Ah-too-pum and not At-too-poo.

    Not enough ball movement on the offensive end early on though.

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    That was painful