Sunday, March 07, 2010

Not much to Say

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Robert Morris handily defeated Mt. St. Mary's 80-62 at the Sewall Center on Sunday evening. The Colonials just flat got after the Mount in the second half - holding the Mount to 22 points after the intermission. The majority of those came from the free throw line - as the Mount really struggled in the half-court offense after the break.
Bankers Boxes
Credit to the Colonials - and their staff for the fine performance. Offensively, RMU got a lot of open looks - and lots of easy baskets against a Mount defense that has been superb down the stretch. The Colonials were able to eliminate the turnovers that plagued them a week ago - and shot better than 50% from the floor. They'll face Quinnipiac on Wednesday in Connecticut.

Karon Abraham led the way for the Colonials - while Rob Robinson had a nice game inside as well.

Jeremy Goode led the Mountaineers - he finished with 20 - in what is likely his final game for the Mount.

Another day - another game - it might have been a different story. But this was clearly all RMU.  FireKing 4 Drawer Lateral File FIR43822CPA


  1. Richard11:36 AM

    I do not really have much to say either. I am stunned. We ran into a hurricane and did not survive. I have not seen any conference teams blow the Mount out like that in a long time. Wow! I am still too upset to say much more, still have that lump in my throat. Love all you Mount fans and players.

  2. Disappointing for sure. But a major thank you to Jeremy, Kelly, and Will for all their accomplishments and everything they did for this program over the last 4 years. The 3 of them brought us to another level.

    4 NEC Tournament Appearances (remember when we used to struggle just to get those)
    4 Semifinals
    3 Winning Seasons
    2 Finals
    1 Championship
    1 NCAA Tournament Win

    Thanks guys.

  3. Richard1:00 PM

    Great post Dan. I made sure I hollered that to those guys at the end of the game last night too. Just think of all the teams that do not get to be in a position like the Mount has. Time for a new successful era. I hope Burrell lives up to his billing for Goode.

  4. I'm trying to wait to write anything as far as a reflection piece until my disappointment from last night fades. But I think we all have to remember that our disappointment came from the expectation. And the expectation only came from the accomplishment. Those three guys are going to be sorely missed.

  5. icepack1:57 PM

    Need to add my sincere thanks to the coaching staff headed by a real gentleman and an athletic staff starting with Lynne and Mike. You all work hard to recruit, instruct, nurture and provide. Our athletes reap the rewards of your efforts and they have obviously learned to do what they can to be successful. I applaud our team for their efforts this season; I enjoyed watching them develop and succeed; I will miss the graduates and like so many before me and them who form the Mount community, we will sustain and support each other in the future.

  6. Richard12:22 AM

    I am still upset and probably always will be. Same for last season. Just why couldn't we have lost to a team with better class? Well at least I did holler at Mike Rice and told him what I thought when he first came out to the court. Told him he was a crybaby and I did not want to see any crying tonight. He heard me quite well and looked directly at me for awhile. Raff, Coach Dan told me they are aware of Green spying on the bench as each play is called in. he is their designated spy, like Whitehead, and bench are designated foulers. When I first got to the game I showed Golladay, Sam, and the Mount radio guys the article the article in the Pitt gazette where RMU called MSM a bunch of roaches needing to kept out of their house. Stofberg said he was going to make a reference to me about that on the radio. I didnt hear the radio broadcast, so, did they refer to that?