Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Breathe Easy

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff, Buy Earth Friendly Office Supplies

If you got wind of an internet rumor that Kelly Beidler would be ineligible for the remainder of the season - you need not worry. The senior forward is eligible despite some questions being raised on the worldwide web about it. Someone stumbled upon our site looking for that information, but we've confirmed that #4 will be in uniform on Thursday night. Disaster adverted.

The Mount begins its chase at a Northeast Conference Championship at home versus St. Francis PA. More about that game in the upcoming hours.

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  1. Richard3:31 PM

    Raff, why would that rumor even be floating around? Did he get bad grades?

  2. Richard4:19 PM

    Well, at least one number one from the lower conferences has lost! Lipscomb of the Atl. Sun got upset by 8 seed Kennesaw St. > Maybe there is a replacement for the Mount!

  3. Richard4:47 PM

    I have March Madness fever!!!!!!! Anything can happen, especially after I got to meet my very favorite singer a month ago- Martina McBride. I even got a kiss and hug! I'm sorry to be the only one commenting but I love this time of year!!! I will be in Richmond 2 nights after the Mount is champion to see Martina again!

  4. Richard - Someone came here this week looking for information about Kelly Beidler being ineligible. I followed up and made sure he was eligible. Knew it couldn't be a grades thing - but sometimes funny things happen this time of year. But all is good. And I too am excited for the Madness that is coming. The Mount has every right to win the tournament.

    I don't think Lipscomb had the highest RPI in the ASUN - there were four teams with 14-6 conf records - so that was pretty much a tossup - but I think Jax and Belmont would be most respected by the committee.

    Someone other than Lehigh winning the Patriot - would be a real good thing.