Friday, March 05, 2010

The East Coast has two good Conference Tourneys starting today

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

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I like both of these conferences and truly you could spend the weekend in Richmond or Albany and see a lot of good basketball. Both of these conferences have an outside shot at two bids if the champ doesn't win, but it isn't likely.


If I was in the room and Old Dominion didn't have an automatic bid - I'd make the case for putting them in. But I'm not in the room - so the Monarchs better win the tourney this weekend or they could easily be eliminated. They certainly have the best chance - but this is a strong conference - and both Northeastern and Virginia Commonwealth (especially since it is in Richmond) could make things tough on ODU. William and Mary was a darling early but has sputtered a little bit down the stretch, I think if anyone really makes a charge here it would be Hofstra - but I doubt they have enough to get it all done.


The fact of the matter is - if Siena doesn't win this on its home court it doesn't deserve to get in. The rest of the conference is solid but not spectacular - but Siena with home court advantage should win - and if they don't they can't whine too loudly. Fairfield would have the best shot to knock them off - but Joe Michalik at Niagara always has his teams playing well at this time of year - and they own a win over the Saints - so maybe they can do it again. A loss can't come soon enough to end Psycho and the Greyhounds season.

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  1. Richard11:14 PM

    I love the Colonial Conference. Last year I went to Richmond to see it. I won't be able to this wknd due to traveling that godforsaken turnpike. There is going to be a heck of a game in the Ohio Valley Champ. tomorrow between Morehead St. and Murray St.Both of them are awesome teams that would probably whip the Mount and RMU.

  2. Any truth to the rumor that Jimmy said "We will continue to play this conference tournament" after yet another early exit for the Greyhounds?

  3. Richard10:56 AM

    Every year I cannot wait to see Jimmy Patsos and his antics. He is definitely a highlight of the Mount's schedule.