Thursday, March 11, 2010

Legends Classic It Is

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Syracuse will compete in the 2010 Legends Classic with the Championship rounds being held in Atlantic City on November 26th and 27th. Michigan, Georgia Tech and UTEP will join the Orange in AC.

The Orange will host two games at home before heading to New Jersey - and double check with Doug Gottleib to make sure that is far enough from the Salt City to be counted as a neutral game. Other teams in the field are Albany, Bowling Green, Detroit, Gardner-Webb, Mercer, Niagara, Western Carolina, and William & Mary.

Syracuse will play two of those teams, and making the assumption that it could be Albany and Niagara makes sense. The Orange advance to the Boardwalk regardless of the outcomes of those games. Those teams will then play subregional rounds in Detroit or William & Mary.

Florida won the Legends Classic this past year. The Legends Classic is a MTE hosted run by the Gazelle Group and hosted by the Northeast Conference.


  1. I went to the Legend's Classic last year. Good event. Boardwalk Hall's a decent venue and most importantly, it's right on the boardwalk and by several of the casinos.

    Plus, the NEC logo is on the court.


  2. Richard12:35 PM

    If it is hosted by the NEC then why isn't any NEC teams in it? That's kind of stupid.

  3. The word I'm getting is Siena will be in Emmitsburg Thanksgiving weekend - so I don't think I'm headed to AC. Maybe I'll go for the Friday DH. My guess is Syracuse will play UTEP and Michigan will play Tech - but that is just a guess.

  4. Kiss Off The Glass10:10 PM

    Awesome. Another big game when the students are on break. We love to take away our home court advantage

  5. Richard4:32 PM

    We should be able to take Siena next year. They really only have Rossiter back. A mass exodus at Siena after this year, so they better win while they can. Too bad we only get to see the dork Rossiter and not the real bigtime players next year. Even tho, Ryan lit us up.