Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goode named Northeast Conference MVP (Updated)

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff has released its 2009-10 awards and Mount point guard Jeremy Goode was name the NEC  MVP by the website.

Goode became the Mount's all-time assist leader during the season leading the Mount to a 16-15 record. He led the team in scoring - and moved into the Top 10 on the all-time list in Mount history.

33% Ex Officio at Magellan's Mt. St. Mary's participated in the inaugural Postseason Basketball Tournament a year ago. This year's field will be announced on Sunday evening. Former Mount coach and College Basketball Hall of Famer Jim Phelan is part of the selection committee. I don't know if the Mount is a prospect for the tournament or not this year. One person I checked with earlier this week, said no. However, I would think the Quinnipiac loss last night would help the Mount as it locks up an NIT spot for them. Therefore, if the CollegeInsider wants a team from the NEC - the Mount would seem to be the next most logical.

If I know anything more, you'll know it here. There is still a chance that the Mount might be in the postseason. But its a small chance. Let's just say that there would be a lot of surprised people on Sunday night if that happened.

Justin Rutty of Quinnipiac was named the conference Player of the Year, while Mike Rice won the Coach of the Year award.

Other stuff I found out today....The MTE does still involve Murray State. The Mount will visit Murray - along with Cincy and Dayton - and gets a home game with Jackson State.

Also, I'm not going to the Legends Classic. The marquee home game is expected to be the Saturday after Thanksgiving. American and Navy will also come to the ARCC.

Penn State returns to the schedule, and there are still at least one money game to fill. Recent opponents Oklahoma and Virginia Tech - as well as Maryland could fill it.

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  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Long, long ago we were bantering about on this blog about Syracuse's predicted record. I am certain I said they would lose 5 games "because they never play up to their talent". They will lose 5 games, the only question is whether they get beyond the first 2 rounds of the dance.

    P.S. - I grew to like their team and their chances (only to be recently - including today - disappointed.

  2. icepack2:52 PM

    Would love to see the Mount play again this year.

  3. They do have four losses - against three fairly mediocre teams - although I think Pitt will end up as a seeded (top 4) team in the tournament.

    The thing that has disappointed me lately has been the defense. I'm hoping some of that is because of familiarity with it. Non-conference opponents always seem to struggle more when facing the zone. I'm hoping we see that in the coming weeks.

    But by no means am I not concerned. Two-game losing streaks don't lead to tournament success - although UCONN made the Final 4 last year after losing its last two - including that 6OT game.

    Anonymous - we'd give you credit for picking the Cuse to end up with five losses but going with Anonymous makes that tough.

    icepack - I didn't mean to get your hopes up. I don't think it's going to happen. A very long longshot.

  4. icepack4:34 PM

    Just thinking - last year we sort of knew and expected a bid, but the JMU game was not well played. Might be ironic if the opposite is true (on both counts) this year. Phelan owes me one - should I call him? (kidding)

  5. Richard5:32 PM

    How did Jeremy manage to get the MVP? Is it due to Jim's influence with the CIT? Anyways thats great, now I have some ammo for the RMU fans at the Corner.

  6. Richard5:37 PM

    Icepack, the loss at RMU was very reminiscent of the JMU game where it appeared the Mount gave up there too. Hey, I'd give up too if the team I played knew my every move like RMU did. It would be senseless to make a fool of myself if I knew that. Kelly even tore into the team for not playing and giving up. I do not know if it was because he wanted us fans to hear him or not because he knew himself it was a lost cause. Both Kelly and his mom are some wild ones but fun to be around.

  7. Kiss Off The Glass9:24 PM

    Hey Richard,

    I despise Robert Morris and especially Dallas Green just as much as you do, but I'm just curious as to what exactly you mean by the "stealing the plays?" I probably missed the specifics of an earlier post somewhere, but I keep seeing references to it and do not quite understand?

    Do you mean they know the names of the Mount's plays and adjust their defense accordingly? If that's the case, I don't really see a problem with it. I would be pretty disappointed with the Mount if they weren't aware of every play their opposition runs and practiced against these specific plays during the week leading up to the game. I would think all coaches would expect as much going in.

    That being said, if they did know what was coming, why didn't Milan make some adjustments? Couldn’t he have just changed the names of the plays? I think you have to put some of the blame on him and on the mount's execution. It shouldn't matter whether they know what is coming or not, if you set good screens and make hard cuts, you should be open. If they are one step ahead and the screens are ineffective, a back door cut should be wide open. I don't know, I guess I just don't get it. I can't stand the fact that Robert Morris is going back to the big dance, but I have no problem with them being aware of the plays we run. In fact I think it is smart coaching.

  8. Richard9:12 AM

    Hey Kiss, I definitely agree with you about putting some blame on Milan. I never really seen him change his game plan very much the past few years against RMU, even though they played them 15 times. I mean, just think about it. If you played someone that often almost the same way each time, then it isn't any wonder that the team you play against knows your every move, unless you throw in some new wrinkles to your game plan. As for RMU, if you are watching the game live all you have to do is look at Dallas Green. Nearly every play, he will look over to the Mount bench and then call a defensive play accordingly. He is basically the designated person to do that. With all of the technology today and ways to access another team's strategies, RMU probably knows MSM stuff like the back of their hand. RMU plays their system well, with each player designated to do certain things like Whitehead, who is in there to take up fouls for Rob Rob. I believe that if the Mount would not play them so much, say if we were not in their conference, then MSM would beat them by at least 12 to 15 pts.Yes the problem does lie within our system and coaching. We have needed to change our system up a lot more and we have not, so what do you expect. It is just a matter of playing them so many times. I don't know what else to do, the coaches agreed with me when I hollered about Green being a spy to Milan- Coach Dan looked back and said, 'yes, we know'. Oh well, our hands are tied and we have to just deal with it as fans. It is good coaching on their part as far as executing their system, but it's not too hard to figure out if you play a team so many times and they don't change much. So in a way their coaching is not that elaborate or difficult to do. So don't give rat Rice too much credit.

  9. Richard10:39 AM

    Getting ready to go to Richmond so I won't be able to respond today.

  10. Richard4:00 AM

    Well, I got back from my Martina McBride concert in Richmond and it was awesome. I had 2nd row seats and was able to go up to the edge of the stage for the encore. Martina held my hand and winked at me twice while doing it. It was amazing- her brother Marty plays guitar and came down and handed me his guitar pick which was purple with Martina's name on it. She is so beautiful and I told her that. I know it's not basketball news but I thought I'd follow up my last post. Going to the VCU-GWU game Tuesday in DC! I am a big VCU and Colonial Conference fan also. fan also