Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tids and Bits

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Still trying to adjust to the fact that the season is over for the Mount. I don't think there is any CBI or College Insider bid awaiting in the wings. But nobody knows for sure - until those bubble teams find a way into or out of the Big Dance.
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Speaking of scheduling. I think that Murray State is now out of the MTE event in Dayton/Cincy next year. My information is telling me that Arkansas-Little Rock has replaced the Racers. The way I understand it is the Mount will get a home game with UALR - and a road game with a still to be announced foe. I haven't gotten full confirmation on this - but the information I have leads me to believe this is accurate.

There are two ways to go out. You can take the high road or you can take the low road. The low road was open on this one. After some self-reflection - and a good reminder from a friend, I opted for the high road. I didn't like losing to Robert Morris, I'll root for Quinnipiac in the finals - but the fact remains that the Colonials were clearly the better team on Sunday night. As I said immediately following - another day, another game, who knows? But the great thing about athletics is you have to perform when the lights go on. The Mount didn't have their best game - and the Colonials did. Tip of the hat to them.

As far as spies and stealing plays, etc. goes - I didn't see Belichek on the broadcast. But maybe his video equipment was interfering with the Pack Network feed. Richard's information, and no disrepect to him that Robert Morris knew what was coming was no shock to me. For three years, I've watched Mike Rice and his staff stand on the sidelines and call out the Mount play a split second after Goode did. Many of the other NEC coaches do the same. And one of the reasons I was so concerned going into the game on Sunday was the fact that I figured Rice and his staff - who really had stopped the Mount offense for 30-35 minutes had figured out what went wrong in the last five and was busy fixing that. Not only were they doing that, but they were adding a few things off the ball screen up high. Karon Abraham's 3-pointer on the first play of the game only helped to open up some of the adjustments RMU made. Rice - and all his antics - is a real good coach. I doubt he'll be there long. The job at his alma mater, Fordham, is open. We'll see how that develops.

And that isn't to knock the Mountaineer staff. They have worked extremely hard to get the Mount to the level they are at. And the level has definitely improved over the last few seasons. The talent level is as high as I've seen it. There are big parts to replace - but it sounds like there is a fine class coming in. Brown and his staff have reassembled a program - and put their face on it. There are plenty of good days to come for the Mount. How many days until October 15th?

It's the rainy season in Morocco, who knew?

Steven Strasburg makes his spring debut today for the Nationals. Two words. Ben McDonald.

Gonzaga got pummelled in the West Coast Championship game last night. I think the Zags might be an early out. They really seem like a team who needed the tournament to be in December or early January. But maybe this gets them going again.

Would love to see Jim Boeheim win the Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year award presented by College Insider . He's one of 15 finalists and he's my pick.

But I've got to admit I'm starting to have doubts about the Orange's ability to win the whole thing. First time that has happened this year. The offensive efficiency with the injury to Wes Johnson has struggled. And they need him and to be efficient. I still think a long tourney run is possible and maybe probable - but winning the whole thing will be tough. I think they are a 1 seed if they get to the semis in NYC.

Teams I wouldn't want to see in my bracket, Wisconsin, Wofford, Maryland, Ohio State, BYU.

The Coaches vs. Cancer announced all their teams yesterday. We knew about Maryland, and heard rumblings about Pitt. Illinois and Texas are the other two. Should be two good days of hoops - and maybe a train out of NY will be in order.

I'm still waiting to find out what MTE the Orange might be playing in next year. I've connected the dots on most of the fields. I'm thinking Cancun could be a possibility - or maybe Legends Classic. I had heard the Orange was ticketed for the Preseason NIT - but they are not eligible for that - as you are not allowed to participate in an event more than once every four years. Tennessee is the only team I have locked into the Preseason NIT.

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  1. Richard5:17 PM

    You made things a little better for me Raff. I just can't understand why cheaters win the majority of the time. Do you remember the Mount ever cheating like that? Raff, you ought to post that you know about the cheating on Colonials Corner. I already have previously. They regard you higher than me, lol. I will definitely root for the Bobcats (Braves) Wednesday. I took a long trip up to RMU two weeks ago to see them whip the cheaters and whiners. How can the players on RMU themselves feel good about the cheating. I know that Rice recruits a thug mentality but damn. Can't this be looked into by the NEC? I don't like to hate people but I nearly hate Rice, Robinson, Nwigwe, Green, Langhurst, and Whitehead(that damn zit)who called the Mount roaches. I took notice of another thing too. Cajou gets jealous of Goode, which causes him to get an attitude and play bad for some reason and someone very close to Goode seemed to indicate that,lol. With that being said, Cajou might score 20 a game next year without his archrival, lol. Also, on the bench Sunday there was no one trying to incite the team except for Beidler. Beidler tore into the team and demanded they play right. Maybe there are things like jealousy that has kept the team from playing up to potential. Who knows?

  2. Ray Curren5:46 PM

    No mention of the Davis Cup debacle in Serbia? That was awful, although the Bryans deserve better.

  3. Ray - What happened in Serbia? I saw nothing other than the result, which was disappointing - but expected.

    Richard - The day has come in college sports where your stuff has to be so good - or you've got to add new wrinkles all the time because the other team clearly knows what is coming. The video age and all the games on TV make that a part of the game.

    Not sure how many Cajou will average next year - but he'll have to shoot better than 1-for-24 against Robert Morris - if we want to be better against them.

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Richard, they were flat out better than us. We had no idea how to hedge off the screens and we gave up dribble penetration far too easily. That, and not them knowing our plays, is why we lost. As much as I dislike that program, I'm going with Raff on the high road.

  5. Richard4:46 AM

    Ok that is fine Anonymous, but even the coaching staff, radio guys, and players parents know that they cheat. One coach in particular admitted that he knew. Yes they did flat out beat us, but when was the last time you seen a conference team blow us away. Actually it does not happen with non conference that often either except a few this year. I wish any of you could sit beside me and watch the games with RMU so I could point out what Green does. RMU does not even have any player that averages more than around 12 a game. They dont have as much talent as most teams in the conference does. I am sorry but knowing what I know and seeing what I see just leaves me feeling betrayed by NCAA basketball in general. But what can ya do? hands are tied. It could be a good reason why it seemed that most of the team sort of gave up a little bit Sunday. The only other time I seen MSM seem like they gave up was when they lost to JMU in the CIT last year. it seemed that the RMU loss took too much out of them.

  6. Richard4:51 AM

    Also Anonymous- why is it mainly only RMU that seems to have our number? There are other reasons why we lose, not just them knowing our plays but it is so easy to see if one looks for that when they watch an RMU game. I mean, we are on an eleven game winning streak and then Bam, we get blown away- by none other than RMU. In a way when you look at things, it is only common sense that tells you something is fishy.

  7. Richard5:24 AM

    To any of you:
    If you found out that the Mount cheated in some fashion but yet kept winning championships, would you still be a fan of them? I am really curious to know. Thanks. Raff, it really hurt me to see Shawn and Jeremy crying. It kicked me to see the usual cordial Krajina and Golladay look so extremely stoic and Krajina white as a ghost too. This really sucks Raff, it just aint right. Thats twice in a row I had to hold back tears myself in that high school gym they call the Sewall Ctr. I sure hope Rice leaves. I simply cannot stand to see his cocky rat face much more.

  8. Richard - I applaud your loyalty, dedication and passion for Mount basketball.

    We just disagree on whether or not RMU is cheating by picking up the Mount signals and play calls. In my opinion, when the hold signals plays from the backcourt or calls something out from the frontcourt - its fair game to adjust your defense to that. If they are breaking into the Mount's huddle or sending scouts to live games (which is an NCAA violation) than that is unethical or cheating.

    We do agree that we don't like RMU. I think it is for some of the same reasons. But when we say those things after having our season ended by them - no matter why we truly say them - its going to be looked at as sour grapes.

    Josiah Whitehead called the Mount players "roaches" - let that speak for itself - or speak for Josiah Whitehead. But the fact remains that they are playing tonight and we are not. And I don't think it was because they cheated.

  9. I completely agree with Raff.

    RMU is a classless program from top to bottom, no disputing that here. I cannot stand the way they act on and off the floor. Dallas Green breaking chairs and Josiah Whitehead's comments are the latest example of that. I have no respect for their program and as a result, have lost respect for their university.

    But if that's how they want to operate and they place winning over how their perceive, then they can go right ahead. If they are cheating, however, it becomes a different matter and the NEC/NCAA needs to look into it.

    The Mount is my school. I'm glad we have such quality people in high places, have a classy coach with a backbone, and have good kids who are good basketball players and become Mount graduates. That's more important to me than championships, yes.

  10. Richard11:52 AM

    Dan and Raff, You both made wonderful posts. I feel the same way about our (the Mount's) integrity. Yeah, I may sound like a sore loser(an RMU fan or player), and I sort of am. As I have said before, it is not just the Mount that they do it to. I know they have a bad rep with other team's fans as well. before them it was Monmouth(the Duke of the NEC). I just do not see how their fans can continue to be blind, it seems that way with all Pittsburgh fans, lol. If the Mount's program was like that, you would see me going to Towson games instead, as I am not much further away from there. The fans were funny up at the game Sunday. Oh, you should have seen them getting mad at me and telling me off. Geeze, what do they expect out of an opposing teams fans? I spouted right back at them too. I said RMU can talk s***, so i will say what I want as well, lol. They were just as mad when we were rooting for QU two wks ago too. I like QU, but I m getting leery of them too. they spent all that money and now all of a sudden they are in the title. Not long ago QU campus was just a few bldgs, now it is the most beautiful campus I have seen outside of the Mount. Big rich Tom Moore and that state of the art arena. It didnt take them long after spending the money for Moore and arena and now they are in a championship. Raff, how good of a chance do you think that MSM will ever go to another conference, like maybe the MAAC? It would be great to play Loyola twice a year. RMU should be in the Horizon league, they play many of their teams and they are not even in the NorthEast region. thanks for the info about Ark-LR. I like to make plans as to where I will be traveling next year. can't wait to see scenic Vermont.

  11. icepack7:29 PM

    Put MSM in the MAAC and get rid of Rider - it becomes the all Catholic conference.