Friday, March 05, 2010

Where is our Patriotism?

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

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Maybe I'm just still too caught up in the Olympic Spirit. Or maybe I'm just way off base here, but why is it that it seems like American Athletes do everything they can to avoid participating in international team events - while athletes from other nations bend over backwards to get to play.

I guess it was the Davis Cup that set me off this morning. Yeah that - and a magnitude of computer issues - but never mind any of that - the fact that Andy Roddick isn't representing the US in the rubber in Serbia just bothers me. Just as it bothered me that Venus and Serena didn't show up in France - and that the US basketball greats needed to be humiliated at the international level before everyone jumped on board - and that our pro golfers - spend the week of the Ryder or President's Cup talking about how they won't be paid - and then (minus Valhalla in recent years) give an uninspired effort - and don't even get me started on the World Baseball Classic and who shows up for that.

I realize that for all of these folks the sport is a profession. And that might not be as easy as it appears. The travel and scheduling could get to be a grind. But we, as the fans, ultimately pay for these big salaries. Either through ticket sales and beer purchases - or our interest allows for television contracts that lure sponsors that are looking for our interest. So it would seem to me these athletes owe it to us the fans to go represent and perform well at the international events.

Because it bothers me to lose to Serbia in Tennis - I'm just assuming that will happen. Bothers me to get beaten in the Ryder Cup by the Euros. Bothers me to finish 7th in basketball at the World Championships. Bothers me not to win the World Baseball Classic. And bothers me to lose the gold medal hockey game to Canada - even though it is their game in their barn. Bothers me to lose in the US Gold Cup to the Mexican National team.

Maybe I expect too much. But other than the majors - is there a better weekend in golf than the Ryder Cup? And even with that said - normally who does seem is more excited. The US players, the Euro players or the Gallery. I'd certainly rank the US players third.

That just doesn't make sense to me. So when guys like Andy Roddick decide to take the weekend off to get ready for Indian Wells (or spend some time with his SI cover wife) it bothers me. Maybe it shouldn't - but it does.

So I'll root for John Isner and Sam Querrey to defeat the Serbs this weekend. And I'll thank them for their commitment to the cause. I just think athletes in the US (not just everywhere else) should be lining up for that chance and opportunity.

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