Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mount Sacred Heart Game Blog

Video is available and it seems to be free. Maybe they will send me a bill. 8-6 Sacred Heart early.

7:15 - 12 -9 Sacred Heart at the second MTO. Seems like the Pioneers maybe playing a bit of a matchup zone. Whatever it is, it is giving the Mount fits. Not much going well offensively for the Mount. Sloppy early and shots not falling. Sacred Heart has only been slightly better. But the Pioneers have gotten some good shots.

7:24 - Points tough to come by. SHU leads the Mount 16-15 at the U8 timeout. Lamar Trice has given the Mount a lift off the bench with 7 points. But he still needs to make better decisions. Highlight of the first half provided by Raven Barber who slammed home a missed jumper. Shawn Atupem spending lots of time on the bench with 2 fouls.

7:26 - The Mount has a lead. A three-pointer from Julian Norfleet makes it 18-16 and draws a timeout from Dave Bike.

7:32 - It's now 23-20 in favor of the Mount as they've taken advantage of some of the deficiencies of the Pioneers on offense. Lamar Trice has 11 for the Mount, but he's 2-for-6 from outside the arc. That number matches the Mount shooting from the foul line as a team. Not sharp but in the lead.

7:41 - We're at the half and the Mount leads 28-25. Lamar Trice has 14 of those 28. Sacred Heart shot 34 percent in the first half. So a decent defensive effort once again from the Mount. They are in the lead, but they've got a lot of work to do to get out of there with a win.

The Mount is going to need to do a better job on the glass and get production inside. Atupem and Barber scored just six points in the first half. They are going to need production in the second half to get the W.

8:03 - The Mount has kept the lead and built on it to take a 34-30 lead. They are playing with 2 guards and 3 forwards a lineup they looked at the other night. It gives them a much different look. But they are having trouble penetrating the SHU defense.

8:08 - The Mount has gained some separation by forcing turnovers and getting some fast break points and the continued hot shooting of Lamar Trice. The junior has 19. The Mount still having some trouble rebounding, but when they aren't allowing SHU to shoot, they are creating opportunities. 12:09 remaining and its 44-38 as some three-point shooting from the Pioneers have kept them in it as the pace of the game has improved dramatically in the second half.

8:15 - Raven Barber just scored inside to extend the lead to 8. Looks like the Mount has the momentum in this one, but they'll have to close it out. Learning how to do that on the road takes some time. Let's see how this plays out.

8:32 - The Mount has a seven-point lead as the game enters it final moments. The Mount guards have been making their free throws. Both Barber and Atupem have four fouls. But its the Mount's game to lose at this point.

8:35 - Still an eight point lead, but the Mount has looked very shaky against pressure. That could be costly down the stretch.

8:36 - 3:59 to play the Mount leads 59-51 and has Danny Thompson at the free throw line. Needs to be solid with the basketball, smart defensively and make its foul shots and it will move to 1-0 in the NEC. But hardly a guarantee at this point.

8:47 - It's over in Fairfield. The Mount has its first NEC win under Rob Burke. Any win on the road in the conference is a good win. So we'll take this 66-52 win over Sacred Heart. Not sure how many the Pioneers are going to win. They've always been an offense first type team. And they certainly lack offensive firepower. But a good job by the Mount to take control of things in the second half. Lamar Trice led the victors with 21, Josh Castellanos added a career high 11 and Shawn Atupem was also in double digits with 10. Quinnipiac, the preseason favorite, is up next on Saturday. It will take a better effort, but let's enjoy tonight and worry about that tomorrow.

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  1. The Mount is yet again looking absolutely terrible for the first half. They let way too many SHU players just run up and take a shot. No pressure on the ball. Then they have 4 guys to 1 SHU guy and still can't rebound it- only foul them. Yes Trice hit some 3s but he still just throws up some shots without hitting iron, others do too. The upper echelon of the conference will absolutely murder the Mount if Burke doesnt soon take charge and get them to get their head in the game. I do not feel that the Mount even realizes what the other team gives them at times, they just see m to be so disorganized. Why isn't Burke getting a little stern with them? He seems to be relatively a softie. Yes, yes, I know he is short-handed but cmon man. I sure hope that Cajou has a real good excuse for taking off this term because if not he really shafted the Mount. Even if he does come back, which is probably unlikely, we will still be short. Also, why in the hell isn't Burke recruiting some good guards? These guards now suck. I bet if we had a team like the past few years, even Norfleet wouldnt be starting. Yes, Norfleet is going to be half decent, but he looks better than what he really is. Now as for the others, Golladay is the true best of the bunch. He plays more stable and consistent. They need to make a nickname for Trice because you never know what to expect out of him. Castellanos would normally be a lifetime bench or role player in other circumstances. I thought he was gonna be like Joey Rodriguez, but boy was I wrong. Only true good player we have is Shawn. Now, back to the game.

  2. How stupid is trice? You do not take a damn three every time or as much as he does. When you have a lead you work the ball in. They need to recognize that the other team sucks and take it to them.

  3. Does Burke teach the team any damn thing? Instead of driving to the basket taking a selfish errant shot, trice should be setting a play up that Burke drew up. Does he have any set plays that he teaches them? Well, at least burke does to the team during a timeout, unlike brown who walked away for the majority of the timeout. Yes trice is scoring, but also being selfish as usual.

  4. Yeah they won but they still play bad. Sacred Heart just simply plays worse. Way too much volleyball playing for rebounds. Surprisingly Mount hit some free throws. If not for the free throws and maybe Trice hitting some 3s then they would have lost. This was probably a game that will determine the 8th seed in the playoffs later on. If the Mount was good, they would have won by 30

  5. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I am sorry. Richard on drugs?
    Was nice win for Mount.

  6. Come on Richard, there's gotta be some positives you can take from a 14 point win? I enjoy your irrational rants on this blog simply because of their entertainment value, but try lightening up a bit. What's the point of following a team if you're not going to even slightly enjoy it when they win?

  7. Hey Richard. Castellanos made 9 of 9 free throws. Shawn was virtually absent (again, because of foul trouble) and MSM wins going away. Not much better you can do on the road.

  8. To all of those mad at me for bringing out the negatives. Let's just see some consistency first before you go and get your egos inflated and thinking the Mount will win over 10 games this year. Once I see some consistency instead of the same old mistakes then maybe you will see my words have a different tone. Wow John, one game that they shoot free throws good compared to how many that they dont? JpFoley- I do take some positives, they didn't give the game back away although a few times Mount had momentum and lost it by fouling. Anybody in this conference should whip sacred heart pretty good. Sac Heart is thee worst team in the conference, worse than Bryant talent-wise. They just have a decent coach that prevents them from being as bad as a bottom MEAC team. I am very pleased with Trice's performance Foley, however his old tendencies remained. When playing against better competition, the Mount cannot afford the same old or you guys won't be smiling too much. Yes, JPFoley reality does sound irrational these days. Irrational or whatever I am to you- what is, is, what is, and I prefer not to sugar-coat things unlike most of todays society. I give the Mount compliments as well at times, if you have read the blog as you say, then you have to agree. I just do not want to see the same old problems without any improvement. Foley, I hope that you aren't the type that gives a big cheer if someone comes close to making a shot, or someone who almost gets a steal are you? I spend a lot of money on supporting the team so I should have a right to criticize them too. Yes, I have not been to an away game yet this year, but I shall do just that next Tuesday and some after that. It is one thing if the Mount loses due to the other team being better but quite another if they defeat themselves as they very well could have again tonight. Maybe my outlook will change if they beat Quinnipiac but I just want to beat Robert Morris at least once. That's the team that I hate(not because they win either). I don't hate the Mount. This win tonight was to be expected but it could have gone the other way too, and that is why I was irate earlier.

  9. Until there is a "Richard rally towel night", you shouldn't be complaining about spending money to support the team. The fact of the matter is, NEC basketball is not expensive to support. We all know that. The reason that we support the team is because we enjoy Mount St. Mary's basketball. I bet that most of the people who read this blog go to a majority of the home games and a few away games each year. And we've all probably been a member of the mount club at some level. Be positive. So far I think Burke is doing a great job and the team is playing pretty well so far this year.

  10. Richard, you should at least have your facts right before criticizing. No one is "mad at you" but we are all fans of the Mount and all want to be happy in their success. The constant berating is unnecessary and not at all helpful. The players play hard and have a lot of fight in them, and they are to be commended for that. Starting three freshmen is never ideal, but this team is doing a lot with what they have. After they beat Quinnipiac on Saturday, hopefully you can be more realistic.

  11. I admire what Donny and mountfan said and it is great that they support the team so positively. However, if I see something wrong then I am not going to hide it. As far as it not being expensive to go to games, the games at bigtime schools are expensive and it is also quite expensive to spend money on gas and food and so forth when I travel to games. Maybe I have not had a life like yours that I had huge amounts of money whenever I wanted it. Most people that have it these days anyway usually have it given to them at the beginning in order to even have a chance to succeed. But thats another debate for another forum, so movin on.... The last two years I have gone to many away games while not even being able to walk in horrible pain. I had two knee replacements, a spinal fusion surgery and they did not correct my problems. All that and I am having more upcoming surgeries for hernia and my foot. Many times I did not want to go to the games but because of my love for the team I did. You must misinterpret me. I do love Mount St. Marys but I am not going to sit back and watch their goofs without being stern about it and i believe the coach shouldnt either. The players come to school to play, otherwise many would never see the inside of a place like Marion Burk auditorium, so they should be thankful and held accountable. Too many in this world don't produce and think everything is a free ride.If they continue to play with the same errors that are not corrected then I will not be in this forum nor will I be at a game instead go to Towson games.

  12. Anonymous4:37 PM

    This discussion better if limit Richard to 25 words or less per message.

  13. one more thing then, if so many Mount fans go to the games, then why in the hell aren't they sitting in the stands? It costs money for a hotel room at away games as well- not expensive my azz. Most of you must be a bunch of spoiled people who only see life one way- easy.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. k - You may be on to something.

    Richard just posted 57 words and none of us learned anything other than he is a bitter person. Hardly something of import in a sports blog.

  16. Ok Folks I have read the blog many times and have kept my mouth shut until now. Why in the world are you giving someone so much crap about wanting his team to be good and not a bunch of thugs? I personally want the Mount to hear what they are doing wrong and fix it not continue to play like they don't care. As for the comments about games not being expensive you must come back to reality. No the home games do not cost that much. The away games run into money depending on where you go. By the way how would you know anyway? I have gone to many away games over the last couple of years and I have only seen at the most ten Mount fans. SO where are all you people who say they go? As for home games no wonder they do not play as good as they could the crowd stinks no one yells in support other than a few loud mouths and they know who they are. As I stated at away games there is only a few fans. As for other teams there crowds are way louder than the Mount on a good night. That makes me sad. You holler be supportive and not so down on them, but why don't i hear you at home games supporting them? Alright enough for now.