Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wrapping up the Penn State loss

Another disappointment for the Mounties, to be so close on the road and come away with nothing. Moral victories are nice but they don't count in the win column.

  • Let's be honest, if this team hasn't exceeded your expectations to this point you had too high of expectations. By my count, the team has lost 23 games to injury this year to guy's on the roster. When you factor in Cajou is not currently on the roster, it's 32. Couple that with the fact that the team was going to be inexperienced to begin with and anything resembling respectability would have been best case scenario at this point.
  • But this team continues to break our hearts. Not for lack of effort or preparation. But simply because teams continue to make plays at the end and beat them.
  • A lot of credit goes to the players for clawing back from an early second half double digit deficit last night. Playing a money game on the road is difficult enough, but when you have to do it from behind it becomes even more tough.
  • For much of the game no Mount player was in double they got balanced scoring once again. Lamar Trice ended up as the leading scorer and he now leads the team with 13.1 per contest. But the team has six guys that average 5.8 or better a game - and have now had 5 different players lead them in scoring in a game.
  • Danny Thompson continues to play well. He and Tayvon Jackson each had seven rebounds last night. Thompson had eight in the previous game and is now averaging better than 4 a game in just over 21 minutes of play.
  • Through nine games, opponents have scored 17 points more than the Mount. That equates to 1.9 less per game. Numbers like that usually equate to a closer to .500 record.
  • has the Mount ranked 300th in the country in luck. Glad I'm not a fan of the teams ranked below them.
  • The schedule remains difficult in the upcoming weeks. But somewhere all of this good play will be rewarded. The Holy War is next up on Saturday - and it would be the perfect place to break out of this losing funk and get a few bounces to go our way.
  • Did I mention I despise Jimmy Patsos?

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  1. So, who all is coming to the Loyola game? It would be nice to have some more Mount fans there instead of a few players' parents, a few old rich alumni, and poor thirty-ish myself. My gf is now on crutches so I hope they have adequate seating at that terrible Reitz Arena. This is finals week for me too, so I will be toiling away at the textbooks until Saturday. Just think- next week at this time we will be preparing for the arrival of the great Jean Cajou. I am going to probably be at that first game he's back at Albany too.