Thursday, December 09, 2010

FanBlog's 2nd Annual If We had a College Football Playoff Playoff - Opening Round Georgia Tech vs Army

We don't believe the argument that you can't have a college football playoff. Don't believe you can't incorporate the bowl system. Don't believe that teams would have to be ignored. So we present you with the 70-team 7-week tournament. Opening round games, to get into the field of 64 are played at various bowl sites this weekend. Than First Round games will be played at the home stadium of the higher seed. Sagarin Computer ratings used to determine all. Games will be played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and Sundays of the holiday weekends) over the next seven weeks, with the Championship game on Saturday January 22nd at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington (host of the Super Bowl). We also gave a game to the home of the defending Super Bowl Champ since we needed one more site. All results are courtesy of simulations at either or

Anyhow here is the result from the quality 60-69 game between Georgia Tech and Army. The winner faces the defending champ Alabama in Tuscaloosa next week. This game was played in Houston to represent the Texas Bowl.

Georgia Tech used a bevy of running backs to roll up 274 yards of rushing yards and take care of Army in the opener 26-16. The Yellow Jackets ran the football on 60 of their 70 offensive plays. Quarterback Josh Nesbitt led the attack with 78 yards rushing, while Roddy Jones found the end zone twice. Jared Hassin had 57 yards for the Black Knights.

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