Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NEC Update

NEC Update: Opening Week Yields Surprises | College Basketball by
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  1. Hey Raff! I tell ya one thing, that good ol' Milan Brown better soon get a win or he will be back banging on Lynne Phelan's door for forgiveness down on his knees begging for a job (maybe waterboy or similar). Big bad Holy Cross is 0-7 and the previous coach only lasted a year up there too. I never really thought he was so great anyway(overrated). He never gathered the guys around every time like Burke does. Basically, I thought the players were just his 'boyz' anyway. He probably partied with them and whatever else. I truly believe that if Burke was coach, we'd be seeking a three-peat instead of RMU. I am not saying that I am completely happy with Burke, but he is a definite upgrade. Now, only if he can exhibit some enthusiasm, he may gain a little more support from me. Anyone else notice that Burke is rather melancholy most of the time? Other than a few times in the huddle, I have not seen him tear into the refs or get excited much over a great play or angry over a bad one.