Friday, December 24, 2010

Hurley forging identity

Dan Hurley forging his own identity at Wagner - NCAA -
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  1. Oh don't worry, with the legacy, popularity, tradition, etc that people associated somewhat with the Duke program has, Hurley will be winning a lot soon. I wouldn't matter if he is a true good coach or not, somebody out there will not let a person that brings to mind Duke fail miserably for too long, if at all. Yeah he played at Seton Hall but most 'think' Duke when they think of him, plus Bobby is there too.

    Whether it be 'enticing' great players to come there or whatever, someone will execute a successful plan. It's pretty funny how stuff like that happens in all of sports. Sometimes it seems if wins and good players are bought or something. It all just doesn't come down to someone simply being that super of a coach either. Bottom line, it takes money just like everything else. Now granted, he could be a good coach, but that is almost always not just the sole reason a team gets great players to come or has winning seasons. There are many true good coaches out there, but it does not mean that they will be able to do the same. Things that go on like that are one reason I have grown to dislike modern sports in general, as far as just thinking about the way they go about things. Some rich dude or dudes won't let someone associated with a big name program reflect failure, no matter who a coach is.

    Yes, I am suggesting that wins and players are bought. Just because people don't like to hear it, doesn't mean it is not true. I do find it strange that Tommy Amaker has pretty much failed though at times. However, something great will happen to make up for it so that society's perception remains the same. He simply went to Harvard and got out of the spotlight probably to make people forget Michigan. If Mount got Hurley, Coach K, Bob Knight, etc to be their coach then it wouldnt be long and they would win the title. Not because they are just good coaches either. Believe what you want people, but I have more common sense than that.

    Maybe Burke has big money or big ties to someone I don't know. If he does then I have no reason to whine about the Mount, since I know that we would be on top soon. So does anyone here know if he has those things? Let me know if he does, then maybe I will lighten up. It is a shame that things happen for the reasons they do, but that does not change the fact that it does.

    Success just does not occur only because someone is a good coach, there has to be such intangibles at work these days. It really blows, but so does how money rules everything.

  2. I bet you guys think I am insane,just a pure azz, downright miserable don't you? Lol, I am probably a little of all of them, but I take pride in not putting on an 'act' like most people in this country.