Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mount falls in Overtime to Vermont

Vermont outscored the Mount 16-9 in overtime to earn a hard fought victory against the Mountaineers in Burlington 68-61.

Shawn Atupem's tip in with 2.1 seconds left tied the game and forced the extra session. But Vermont scored on the opening possession of the extra session and never trailed. A 6-0 run midway through the extra frame broke it open.

Lamar Trice and Julian Norfleet each had 13 for the Mount while Danny Thompson chipped in nine. Atupem, Raven Barber and David Golladay all had 8 in the defeat.

Vermont moves to 9-3 with the victory. The Mount fell for the sixth straight game and is now 3-11 on the season, but once again showed an ability to play with teams expected to be much better than them.

Jean Cajou did not play in the game after it was announced earlier in the day that he had returned to the squad. Perhaps his season debut will come on Sunday at Virginia Tech.

Evan Fjeld had 20 to lead all scorers for the Catamounts.

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  1. Mount showed a good effort, easily could have won this game. Time to learn how to close it out. This was against a high rated team at their home court.

    Must say, despite the few fouls called against Vermont, the officiating looked very fair to me.

    Oh how I wish Jean and Kris were playing to complement the rest of the team.

    Better effort tonight from Shawn, but still too many bad fouls.

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    20 point underdog ties game in regulation

  3. No doubt a good effort on the road. Never trailed by more than 5 the whole game. Still the moral victories are getting frustrating.

    Also, I'd like to meet k's bookie. I think we could become friends.

  4. I ended up paying and watching the game after all.

    First,if they'd stop missing extremely easy layups (a player issue), they may win a few.

    Second they really, really, need to stop running down the court and immediately taking a shot, be it a 3 or a 2 pointer. This right here is a coaching issue, bigtime! What the hell is Burke thinking when he allows the team to do that? Although Trice and Norfleet are most guilty, the other players do it too. So, this is how Burke directs and wants to run an offense? Get real. We have good shooters, let's not ruin that.

    Third, there are too many second chance rebounds for other teams, even when the Mount has good size on them.

    Fourth, there have been too many uncontested shots for the other team, lack of intensity.

    It is getting hilarious and ridiculous to keep hearing things like-'Oh, we could have won that game' and we 'are showing such wonderful effort'. There is no way we should have lost at least 4 of these games, and quite a few times there has been a terrible effort- Loyola, Navy, Albany, Northwestern. Vermont actually had an 'off' night and gave the Mount plenty of chances or else they probably would have destroyed them. A few games this year have been damn near close to the worst I ever seen them perform- Loyola, and Albany. Our opponents this year are not all that wonderful either. I am always seeing how our opponents are getting whipped sometimes by other terrible teams. Heck even VaTech is definitely winnable since they have now 4 players gone for the year. If not for pressure from my gf, I wouldn't be wasting money on gas to go to Blacksburg Sunday. I do not necessarily mind losing, it is just some of the downright stupid play that has gone on that bothers me. A bright spot so far for me this season is that RMU has been losing most games- hope it stays that way. However, good old QU has been mowing some of the best eastern mid-majors down. Now it gets easier for QU with the NEC coming up. It would not be too far-fetched to see QU have the best record in the NCAA by tournament time 28-2 or something. Damn sure must be nice, ain't it?

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

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  6. hey 'k' No, actually I love reality. it is most of you who don't. Hence, the reason you hate the things I say.