Monday, December 20, 2010

Mount American Game Thread

Follow me on twitter with thoughts from the game tonight. And then I'll have more here at the conclusion.

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  1. Hi Raff, I seen you over there. It was a great game. Unfortunately it was a rough day for me. On the way to the game, we had to fix a flat. Two disableds sick and very cold weather was not too fun at all. But I still made it, least Steve Stofberg gave me credit, lol. The difference in the game was the following: the time period in 2nd half when American's great defense(usual Patriot-style) clamped down on Mount, Moldoveanu, a few terrible ref calls by Donnie Eppley yet again, and the closer was Barber and inside guys failing to realize they were going to Lumpkins inside near the end. Excellent game though. The Mount did what it needed to do to hang with the Eagles- when they hit the outside shots after realizing American's strategy was to close off the lanes to inside( which is what made Mount do so well in the first half). Now it is definitely time for me to lay my azz down and try to deal with my pain. Have a great Christmas. Next game I will be at is VaTech.

    ps- Still no Cajou, that wonderful Gerick lied, lol. I guess Cleveland is not going to redshirt, must have been grades, too bad Cajou has a problem with the new coach, he may have been the star this year. Seen and said hi to Tony Little!!! See ya buddy!

  2. Even though Eppley is terrible against the Mount, Tom Fahey is thee supreme worst against the Mount of them all. Remember last years Vermont game? Usually the best refs for Mount are the black guys for some reason. Clinton is good. Other terrible refs have been John Sweeney, and Joe DeMayo.