Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mount vs Loyola Game Thread

4:14 - Very concerned about the Mount's ability to block out and rebound today. Loyola does very well getting to the glass. And if there offense is going to be the efficient like it has been early, it could be a long day in Baltimore. The Hounds lead 9-4 have made 4-of-5 and rebounded the one missed shot.

4:20 - Robert Burke has called a timeout with the Mount trailing 14-4. Not much going well for the Mount, missing shots and not defending well. Not a good combination. Got to get back into it immediately.

4:23 - 11:48 now to play in the first half and its 18-6 Loyola. The Greyhounds had scored 13 straight before Lamar Trice hit a jumper to end the Mount drought. Raven Barber has returned for the Mount. After missing the last two games with the flu it's good to see him in there. But the Mount is giving too many easy baskets and not making open ones at the other end.

4:33 - 20-10 Loyola at the U8 MTO. Mount is 3-for-19 from the floor. Starting to press a little offensively and force shots that don't have much of a chance. Only down 10, they have to get back into running their stuff and letting the offensive flow create points. Loyola is not a good offensive team and has cooled off. The Mount can cut into the lead and be in the game at halftime.

4:42 - Getting tough to watch. It's 30-16 Greyhounds. Mount getting beat for open jump shots, lobs for dunks and just not into it on the defensive end. And that effort might be better than what we've seen from the offense which has been pretty poor to this point. Need to finish the half strong and give yourself some momentum headed to the locker room.

4:47 - Mount down 11 needs a stop and a bucket to cut it to less than double figures at halftime.

4:50 - Mount got the stop but not the bucket. Trails 34-23 at the half. Feels like a lot more than that, and maybe that is why I think the Mounties still have a second half chance. But they've got to be a lot better. Got to close off the interior offense that has gone well for Loyola in the first half. And then they've got to be patient and run their stuff offensively and get some points out of that. There is no 12-point shot, so they've got to cut into the lead in pieces.

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  1. Ugh. Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago but the turkey arrived today. The way the Mount was playing recently, I was hoping for a good win.

    Time to get some players back and go back to the drawing board.

  2. Oh my God, sorry to be so mean, but that was a waste of my time to go down to Reitz and watch that game. I just got back, need to finish a final exam, so I will post more later. Before I leave, guess who I seen Raff??!! The legendary Brad Gerick! My honey Brad was sitting over with the media, laptop open with a big green 'Patch' as a label on it. I bet that comment will stir up some things won't it, hahahaha.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Worst MSM game.

    #10 not performing
    #35 no energy
    #12 learning
    #31 invisible
    #23 blind
    #24 needs ?
    #42 good and getting better
    #30 OK today
    #34 also played OK

  4. Does anyone here know what bit or got into the Mount for this game? They looked like they had no knowledge of how to play the game of basketball at all. I wonder what happened. It was a very strange sight to see the difference in the Mount compared to Penn St. Straight up weird-like me. At least I admit my downfalls though.

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    BG poor journalist - limited ability to speak, write and think. Better Richard look elsewhere for hero.

  6. Dr. John - I guess I am rooting as hard as you; a good margin in a game won would have been a nice upgrade for the year.

    Who is k? He (or she) sounds like a poor man's Confucius. "Me thinks English not his first language".

    Richard - I am sure this game hurts, sucks and whatever else you think. You are being restrained, perhaps because you also know this can't be the way it is going to be for long?

  7. Well, John. I do not see how the Mount can perform like this for every other game this year based on what I seen in previous games. Unless, that made a pact to give up, they should get some more wins. The way they played Saturday was similar to last years RMU playoff game and the previous years JMU tournament game. I hope I can make it to Albany, but I can't spend money on going to too many games that are a 'dud' such as the Loyola one. This team desperately needs to acquire an identity before NEC play or they will not even get into the playoffs. The NEC is the most talented that I have seen since the early 90s. To be honest with you, I wish the Mount would bolt and go to another conference instead like the American East or MAAC, then they can play Loyola twice a year and generate more revenue. Those games do get a slightly more profit at the gate though. Usually Loyola barely gets a few hundred fans at their games and when stduents are not at the Mount, it is similar. I just hope we beat RMU at least once this year and I will be happy. I hate them almost as bad as I hate Duke and UNC. As for this 'k' person. It is likely some immature late teens, early 20s dork mommys boy that likes to start trouble.

  8. Sorry, the last comment was meant for HARRY, not John.