Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrapping up the Albany Loss

The good news is, I really didn't see much of the game. But that doesn't change the outcome or the result.

For the second straight game, the Mount shot the ball poorly and had trouble scoring points. Not sure if its something that other teams have started to do to take things away or if it's just a slump. Minus Raven Barber's 9-of-10 performance, the rest of the Mounties shot 31 percent on Saturday night. My biggest concern coming into the season was for this team to be able to score and make enough outside shots to open up the post play for the athletic bigs. It is starting to look like that is becoming a real problem.

Quickly moving onto American tonight. It will be interesting to see how the Mount picks itself up. And if Kristian Krajina and Jean Cajou make an appearance. Keep hearing that Krajina is close to returning and Cajou is apparently back with the program - according to Brad over at Mount U.

I think both of those guys bring some things offensively that I think this team is lacking. So that could really add something if they can get both of them back and in form by the conference play window which starts in early January.

American is pretty darn good. Although at 6-4, they have lost four of five. They do own a 13-point win over Albany and a 10-point triumph over St. Francis PA. So you've got to figure they are the favorite.

Unlike past AU teams we've seen at the Mount, this one isn't highly perimeter oriented. 6-9 Vlad Moldoveanu and 6-8 Stephen Lumpkins are their two most important players and the Mount will have to close them down inside.

Tonight is a critical game for me. I need to see some fight and desire out of the Mount. Need to see they still believe in themselves and the coaching staff. In the past when things have gone poorly, they've found a way to pick themselves up. They need to do that again tonight.

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  1. I was not able to see the Albany game either. I have been extremely sick. I will do my best to get to the game tonight but cant promise. I have only missed 2 home games since Knott was built, that is, when I was living in the area. That shows you how sick and in pain I am to miss one. It sucks bad.