Saturday, December 04, 2010

Mount Quinnipiac Game Blog

I missed the start of the game and probably won't be able to see the end. But from what I've seen its been pretty even.

2:57 - The Mount trails by 1 31-30. In the portion I've seen they've done a nice job getting the ball to Atupem inside. He seems very controlled and relaxed, and away from the basket QU has opted not to double. If he continues to score, I would expect them to goto that. Have to finish the half strong.

3:05 - The Mount takes a 5 point lead to the half. The Mount offense is creating plenty of chances for themselves. Danny Thompson just had a great stretch knocking down three straight jumpers. Lamar Trice led the scoring in the first half with 15. The Mount has played a lot of zone late in the half and gone with the three forward alignment. They seem to rebound fairly well out of that. But did give up two offensive rebounds on missed foul shots. Definitely an encouraging 20 minutes of play, have to see how it goes in the second half.

3:28 - This is going to be my final update, you'll have to take it from here on your own. The Mount has built on the lead and is up 51-44. They had a 10 point advantage at the largest. They are executing the offense from within the flow of it and getting jumpers to go down. It's a good combination. Sorry I can't stick around. Love to hear these QU announcers whine for the rest of the game. The Mount shot one free throw the first half, quit whining about the officiating.

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  1. Flat out the best half Mount has played perhaps for several years. Barber absent, don't know if he is hurt?
    Thompson doing it all. Great denial on Rutty by the zone. Heavens, they're shooting 60%. Keep it goin'.

  2. Hurts because we played very well and could have stolen one on the road. Nothing but praise for the undermanned team and for the coaching. Guy makes 2 clutch treys at the end.

    We were 15 point underdogs away at QU. We played far better than that, but we did get away from denying Rutty and yes, I still think fouling him instead of ever letting him shoot would have been the best strategy, but I guess we need more players. Hard to play with 8 guys and the refs calling that many fouls.

  3. Hey John, since it seems like you were able to watch the live feed of the game, can you describe what exactly happened on the last play? I was watching the play by play and it said there was a turnover with 5 seconds left which led to a lay-up by QU. What led to the turnover and was it an uncontested lay-up on the other end? Thanks

  4. JP:

    The Mount had the last possession with about 22 seconds remaining. They moved it around and it looked like they were in good position to drive to the hoop, with a basket or foul possible when several QU players crowded the ball handler (sorry I really can't remember who lost it) and stole the ball, with 3 QU players and one of ours running the other way. Their final basket was a given.

    I think the important thing about it all was how well we competed against the supposed top rated NEC team. Believe me, this coach is getting so much out of these players. Most of the game we were in really good control, doing things never done before - witness Thompson's shooting and the great FT stats.

    At this point in the careers of the new players and the new coaching staff, I say "job well done".

    But I really did want to celebrate.

  5. well, Raff, we just got back from the ODU-Delaware game and Delaware upset the mighty Monarchs! Jawan Carter had 29 and tore thru their great defense. It was a good crowd up there too. Next, its on to State College for me to see the Mounties! I do have to say that I have a better feeling after this game with QU. They actually impressed me and if not for a great individual effort from Johnson we would have swept the CT trip. Still great shooting and free throws again too. All that without even Barber, I am amazed that we are playing like this today at least. Now, on the other hand , I did not see the game, so I cant say much bad. If the Mount exhibits careless play Tuesday, you hear me tearing into them again. Regardless of how these softies feel in here. As you can see, I do give the Mount credit when it is due.