Thursday, December 16, 2010

LIU gets guard

Brooklyn Eagle, Bay Ridge Eagle Brooklyn, NY :: daily paper in Brooklyn
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  1. I delivered the Brooklyn Eagle on my bicycle - was my first job - I was 9 years old. Now 68 and still happy to be working. The Eagle stopped publishing a print edition in 1955. Like the exit of the Dodgers a few years thereafter, it was a sad event in the Borough.

  2. Hey Raff, John, Harry, and whoever---LIU got a guard, but here is the big question-- Is the Mount going to get a Guard too? On Saturday, the fabulous JEAN CAJOU should be in Albany right?? It has absolutely murdered me to ponder and not know whether or not he will be there. If not then I suppose you should write a goodbye tribute to Cajou like you did for last years seniors then Raff. Does anyone know the answer to this burning question?

  3. Hey Raff, ask Shawn or somebody if Jean is there or not. I already asked Shawn and for some reason they dont like to say anything about it. What the hell is there to hide?? That is rather petty to hide it. if they want to be that way then I am not going to mess with them much anymore. I doubt I go to the Albany game because my gf had surgery last Thursday and wont be able to walk for a month or so. I am frustrated by that because I have never been to Albany and wanted to tour around. I believe that we will lose anyway by about 10 to 15. Before, I thought we were slightly better than Albany, now I havent a clue. I am tire of the Jekyll and Hyde MSM has played the past few years. We will not win hardly a game if we play like we did against Loyola though.