Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mt. St. Mary's/St. Francis NY Game Post

The Mount is in Brooklyn to take on the Terriers in an NEC game. St. Francis NY won a game at the ARCC a week ago and the Mount will look for a rebound on the road tonight. Feel free to join in as the game moves along. Video is available here

Let's see how this goes....

The Mount trails 10-7 at the first break. Jean Cajou made an early three - and then the Mount settled for threes later on. Atupem has looked tentative inside after making two early free throws. An alleyoop to Beidler gave the Mount a 7-6 lead but St. Francis has scored four in a row. I like the Terriers offense, a lot of movement and good ballwork.

The Mount has coached itself out of the game early. Wholesale substitution at the first break, played that segment with Trice, Holland, Thompson, Jackson and Brown on the floor. Not sure where the offense was expected to come from. They didn't score the whole segment, its now 15-7. Good crowd at the Arena. I'd say its about 50% full, the SFNY announcer said 85%. I'm just trying to find something to comment on other than the poor play.

The score is 25-15. Jeremy Goode has singlehandedly kept them in it. If down ten is in it. New York is making everything right now. Need to win this next segment and close it down before halftime. But right now there is no flow for the Mount. Too much choppiness to everything. Lots of turnovers thus far.

The lead is still ten for the Terriers, who are playing very well at the moment. Shooting ridiculously well. I'd like to see the pace of the game increase a bit. Jeremy Goode has nine for the Mount and he's headed to the free throw line after this break. The Mount needs to cut into the lead before halftime and give itself a chance in the second half.

The Mount trails 37-26 at the half. St. Francis does this real innovative thing off the high ball screen, they roll to the basket. It's beaten the Mount on at least three ocassions in the first half, including near the end helping the Terriers restore the lead to 11. St. Francis has brought the same gameplan they used a week ago in the second half to beat the Mount. We'll see if the Mount adjusts to it at all in the second half.

Anytime things start to look good for the Mount they go south quickly. The Mount has shaven one point off the lead, but has had a few empty trips lately which could have closed in. They had it to seven at one point, but New York pushed it back out. There is some life in the second half, but Beidler is on the bench with three fouls.

The Mount had it to seven and had the ball, but haven't gotten any closer. Rich Clark just hit a three for St. Francis to make it ten. The Terriers continue to make shots when the need them. They are deliberate offensively but they move the ball well and they shoot it very well. Or at least tonight. I sensed the Mount was just about to get it close and then they had some empty trips and SFNY responded.

The Mount has forced a New York timeout drawing within six. A 2-2-1 full court press fooled the Terriers and got a turnover - and a backdoor lob to Beidler got the game within six. Less then 10 to play, the Mount needs to cut into this quickly.

This slow and plodding comeback may end up being effective. The Mount has drawn within five and was to within three after a Jeremy Goode three-pointer moments ago. But NY scored at the other end and then the Mount turned it over before this TO. The Mount needs a stop and to get the ball back. St. Francis is not playing (or shooting) nearly as well as they did in the first half. It could get very interesting.

The lead is still six with Goode headed to the line and 3:53 left. The Mount had two possessions with a five point deficit and couldn't convert on good opportunities. There is still a chance. But really have to steal something on the road. I fear that SFNY will be better in the halfcourt sets the rest of the way.

Gonna end up being similar to last week in Emmitsburg. The Mount has the ball down three with about three minutes left. Jean Cajou's layup drew them within three and then the Terriers took a rushed three. The Mount has called timeout and is drawing something up.

Holland hit a three to tie it - and then Akeem Bennett hit a three at the other end as the shot clock was winding down. The Mount has the ball and called timeout down three. 67 seconds left.

Shawn Atupem has scored inside to draw the Mount within one - down to about 50 seconds left. Another timeout. And the Mount has to defend.

The Mount got a near steal and SFNY called timeout.

Caddell hit a floating turnaround from the fouline to extend the lead to three. The Mount will have a three to tie. 11 seconds left.

Beidler's three was short and SFNY wins 63-60 in Brooklyn.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Yet another uninspiring performance from the Mount. Out-coached, out-played, out-hustled. Maybe the coaches should lose some of their privileges too until they come up with a better game plan.

    At this point I'm not even dissapointed anymore when Milan Brown calls a timeout at the end of the half or the end of the game and nothing productive happens out of it. I've just come to expect it. I was really hoping the Mount would burn through their timeouts early in the game a la Mike Deane style, but alas they didn't and still had plenty to use at the end of the game to assure the loss.