Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bait and Switch?

So this showed up in my inbox yesterday. A message from the Cleveland Cavaliers. An early bird ticket offer. Even though its only January, I figured they were pushing playoff tickets already, trying to sell a package for the rest of the season. Most teams are selling mini-plans for the rest of the way. I got a phone call from the Islanders the day before, and an email from the Nets (no playoff mention) in the last week, pushing mini-plans. But upon close examination, the Cavs offer was for season tickets. Next season. 2010-2011. And right there in the middle of the ad. Actually the ad. Was Lebron James. You know the most sought after free-agent in the history of the NBA. There he was attempting to sell me tickets for this year's playoffs, if I bought season tickets for next year. Of course, Lebron is rumored to be playing for every team with any room under the salary cap except for the Cavaliers next year. Do the Cavs marketing people know something we don't? Actually I think they are hoping they do. Hoping that we don't realize that in 2010-2011, Lebron may very well be in Miami or New York or Atlanta or Chicago - and hoping that our excitement for this season, will lead us to buy some ticketes for next year. It's a good thought. But as Jose Canseco would say, maybe a little short of the truth.

For Ryan McNaughton's (a native Ohioan and Cavs' fan) take on Lebron and the pending free agency click here

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