Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mt. St. Mary's Quinnipiac Game Thread

Feel Free to post your thoughts and comments in the Comments section as the Mount tries to end the losing streak in Connecticut.

Looks like we're about six minutes from tipoff in Hamden CT. The Mount is starting the same five its been playing of late. Goode, Beidler, Cajou, Atupem and Raven Barber. Barber replaced Kristian Krajina in the lineup at BU and has been a starter since then. He hasn't been playing a lot of minutes but he'll be back in the starting lineup tonight.

I really dread having to listen to this group of broadcasters. They are not very good. And they are homers all the way. Quite a contrast from the guys we had from Albany the other night.

The announcer just called the Mount players a bunch of knuckleheads. Yes it is going to be a long night. Let's get a win. It's about time. The game is available at Click Here for a surprise

A decent start for the Mount. There doesn't seem to be a lot of energy in the Arena. But the Mount has a 6-4 lead, Atupem has four and Beidler has 2 off a steal and layin. Kels could have made that a three-point play but missed the FT.

This is a poor production. Not only are the broadcasters horrible, but they have a big scoreboard at the top of the screen that basically blocks the basket. 9-6 Mount with 15:48 left. Atupem now has 5 and Cajou and Kels each have two. The Mount seems to have the better unit early on. But we'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Its 18-15 with 10:35 to play in the first half. A very sloppy segment from the Mount. They are able to get it to Atupem inside whenever they want. But Shawn is not finishing and there have been some pretty poor efforts. Meanwhile, QU seems to be getting a lot of dribble drive penetration that the Mount needs to stop.

The Mount fell behind 23-15 and I was wondering where Jeremy Goode was. He came through and made a three and then a foul shot for his first points of the night. The Mount trails 23-19 with 7:59 left in the first half, and I have to be honest, I don't like the way this is going. The Mount does not appear sharp. And defensively they are not stopping penetration and it is leading to easy buckets for the Bobcats.

The Mount drew within 23-22 and then QU scored four quick points to push the lead back to five at 27-22. It stayed that way for a long while. Both teams struggled at the offensive end. Kelly Beidler had a few blocks. Then Pierre Brown hit a trifecta off some good ball movement out of the corner and that is where we are with about 2 minutes left and the Mount trails 27-25.

They are now at halftime and the Mount trails 29-28. In some regards the Mount has to feel good that they are only down 1. The Mount was 10-for-34 at 29% shooting in the first half. And in another sense, you have to feel like the Mount has to be disappointed they didn't score 38 or 40 points in that half. The Mount had a few open shots that they should have made, that they didn't.

I think the Mount scoring looks something like this....Goode 6, Atupem 7, Brown 3, Cajou 2, Beidler 2, Holland 3, Jackson 1, Barber 2 - I've missed two somewhere, it might belong to Beidler.

The Mount will win this game if it shoots better in the second half, but I'm not confident that the Mount will shoot better. Consequently, it could be a tussle to the end.

Beidler has just two, so I'm still looking for 2. My second choice would be Holland. But I can't remember a two-point basket from him. I remember a miss he should have made. Maybe Tayvon scored in the lane. I know the announcer said he did. But that was clearly Barber. And it would be too wise for them to do some sort of halftime stats.

The Mount women won at Quinnipiac earlier today.

QU has opened it up a little bit. 16:15 in the second half and the Bobcats lead 39-32. The Mount took a lead at 32-31, but QU has scored eight in a row. The Mount needs to find a way to get a big score out of this timeout.

The Mount did not score out of the timeout. Goode missed in the lane. But Cajou made a steal at the other end and Beidler has two free throws when the commercial ends.

The Mount has a 44-42 lead, but it hasn't been pretty. At least not of late. They had some chances to open it up and turned the ball over on two straight possessions. But I do like the 2nd half better right now. 11:53 left. The Mount has gone to pressure against QU and it has bothered them. We'll see how that develops.

QU leads by 1 with 7:43 left. The Bobcat announcers have said Beidler just fouled out. Not sure that is right, but he did pick up two quick fouls and leave the game. It is possible. And the Mount will miss him.

Pierre Brown's driving layup has cut the lead to two. The Mount has really struggled since Beidler left the game. The Mount is going to have to make some plays down the stretch to win the game. They haven't had anyone really have a big night tonight.

The Mount is really struggling in the halfcourt set. The QU announcers love it when the Mount throws it inside. And truly they haven't converted enough of the opportunities inside tonight. But the QU announcers think that is the way to beat the Mount. Let them throw the ball inside. QU leads 54-50 and has the ball at the line with 3:34 left.

Jeremy Goode has buried three three-pointers in a row to keep the Mount in this. The last one tied the scored at 59. But Feldeine was fouled at the other end by Cajou who has fouled out as well. Feldeine made both. And the Mount trails by two and has called timeout with 1:19 left.

The Mount got a good look from Goode but he seemed to be looking to pass and not shoot and missed the 8-footer. QU then had two layups that could have essentially ended it and missed them both. The Mount has the ball back down two with 29 seconds left. Goode will shoot two with 19 seconds left. He made one of two. He has 21. The Mount has to foul. They forced a timeout on the inbounds as QU couldn't get it in.

The Mount loses this one 64-63. Jeremy Goode's three-pointer at the buzzer cut it from four to one. He finished with 24 - and played the last three or minutes with a desire to score we haven't seen in awhile. He is the Mount's best player. He also was likely fouled with five seconds left and the Mount down two, but there was no call made. The Mount trailed by two at that point, Justin Rutty made two free throws at the other end.

A win at Sacred Heart on Saturday is a must.


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    It is so hard to believe this is the same team that played Siena. They know how to lose.

  2. Ray C9:50 PM

    I like the QU announcers, they have been there forever, and yes, are homers, but have you listened to John Sterling or Hawk Harrelson. Only problem is Schweitzer is really a hockey guy (QU is big-time hockey), so his basketball play-by-play is OK at best.

    They seemed to be right on when they told QU just to let Atupem shoot, couple of bad shots led to the run that eventually allowed Quinnipiac to hang on.

    Goode can play and he was on fire at the end, but he did have 6 turnovers.

    QU has the most physical team in the NEC and it showed with a 46-34 rebounding advantage.

    QU announcers admitted there was contact on the last play, but on the road tough to get that call.

    Big game for both teams Saturday at Sacred Heart. Wish the soccer game was earlier or later. Oh well.

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Jeremy Goode .... WOW, that was NICE little stretch of basketball. It's about time somebody took control of a game like that. Too bad it was a little too late.

    Hey Kelly Beidler, if you read this, stop shooting ill advised 3s. You're not nearly as good at shooting as you think you are.

    Apparently the Mount loves starting league play at 0-3. The question is, will they be able to recover this year and get one or two home playoff games? Could be tough.

    Gotta have it at Sacred Heart on Saturday. That's not exactly the place to be going when you need a victory. Gonna be tough, but i think they'll step up.

  4. New Haven Register's take on the game: