Friday, January 15, 2010


No, I'm not a few weeks late on the whole Big Ten expansion topic. I'm talking about the expansion of The Fan Blog. In recent weeks, you've seen a few new names posting articles around here. Indeed, I have extended the invitation to numerous of the guys I went to Syracuse with. At one point or another we all worked with the campus radio station, WJPZ-FM and we were Central New York's Sports Authority. Most of us called basketball games for the Syracuse Orangewomen meaning we all have that in common with Greg Paulus.

So I thought it would be neat for us, and for you the readers, to reunite in some form or another right here on The Fan Blog. We all will probably have some perspective on the Syracuse sports scene, but we all also are all over the country as well. And we all have different rooting interests. So hopefully, you'll get some good insights from many different areas and it will cover all sorts of different topics.

Thus far, you've heard from Ryan McNaughton and Ray Curren. Randy Stern and Derek Snow have also informed me that they will offer their insights as they have them. Through their writings here, I'm sure you'll find them all to be quite entertaining and also knowledgeable and passionate about the areas that they write about.

Again, we're all Syracuse people. McNaughton even worked in the Syracuse market covering the Orange on a local Syracuse affiliate the last several years. Ray and Snow are both Yankee fans, while Stern and McNaughton cheer for the Tribe. As you have seen, McNaughton is still a big Cleveland fan and is hoping that Lebron and the Cavs win that crown this season before Lebron leaves town (or resigns in the offseason).

As time wears on, I hope that the numbers continue to increase and The Fan Blog brings you entertaining and informative content from all areas of the sporting world.

Welcome them aboard, make them feel at home.

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