Thursday, January 28, 2010


So Richard wants to talk about next year and why not? Certainly we've gone round in round enough about this year. I thought next year would be a rebuilding year to some extent. But at the present time, I'm not sure what there is to rebuild. Hopefully, my thoughts change in the next few weeks.

I'm going to classify next year's schedule into three parts....What I've been told, What I think I know, and What I expect.

What I've been told....The Siena and American games this year were front ends to home and home series, so those two schools will visit the Mount next year. Niagara and Vermont were likewise home and homes and the return trips go north next year.

What I think I know....The Mount is confirmed for an MTE (Multi-Team Event) involving Cincinnati, Dayton and Murray State. The parts I've been able to put together, the Mount will play three road games against those teams. Included within that will be a home game for the Mount. That team was TBA at last check. Murray State will then play at that team.

What I expect.....We'll assume the Loyola series stays on the books. As long as Patsos thinks its a good thing to keep playing. There is a joke in there somewhere and some of you are laughing. The game will be at Reitz Gym - and could be the opener....I also think the Navy game will stay on the books - might even be a signed deal, but its been going on so long, I always forget whether the series (always a two-game set) is coming or going. Sometimes scheduling a date with Navy gets difficult, so a one-year hiatus is always a possibility. The Boston U series is complete. With a new coaching staff on board up there, I doubt it gets renewed. But I'm just guessing. The Mount will have a little flexibility with that series and may look to actually start this series on the road, so that the schedule balances a bit more in the future. Recent history suggests this will be a Patriot or America East team, but we'll wait and see. I vote for Bucknell. Although St. Bonaventure is still looking for some home and homes to start next year, and that wouldn't be a bad matchup either. Albany is also in search of a home and home - but it must start in Albany - as is UNC-Wilmington - and Northeastern as well. In recent years, the Mount has played four guaranteed games. With the inclusion of the MTE (which doesn't count as games toward the 27 max) I think they may be able to drop one or two of the guarantees if the guarantee from the MTE is enough. It's where Economics gets involved and I'm really not sure. Some sort of triangle scheduling as a result would be possible. Say for example Marshall would play at the Mount, the Mount would play at James Madison and Madison would play at Marshall. All of that is hypothetical. But with the inclusion of the MTE, it might give some additional flexibility and maybe a home game.

So that is about as much speculating as I can do in a short period of time. The trip to Niagara looks entertaining - and it will be nice to see Siena at the ARCC. We'll see what else develops.

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  1. Richard2:07 AM

    Thank you so much Raff. So I should make a hotel reservation somewhere between Cincy and Dayton or are the games going to be played in Dayton? Murray St. is one of my fave mid major teams too and they are rollin this year. Hmmmmm a Niagara trip? I went to experience the Falls in September for the first time and it was memorable, maybe I can go next year and see them frozen before the Mount game. I really would love to go to Vermont too but when Blakley leaves, there isn't much attraction with the Catamounts. Id enjoy seeing Marshall though. Thanks immensely for your ideas about next years games. My NEC trip next year will be the Brooklyn one. Thank God the CT trips are over for another 3 or 4 years. I go on one 2 game NEC trip a year and it's NYC's turn next year. The year after it will be FDU-Wagner. Only NEC places I havent been is FDU, LIU, SFNY, and now Bryant. Nor Monmouth's new joint.