Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tids and Bits

I'm most intrigued by the New England Baltimore playoff matchup this weekend in the NFL. After all it is the only game that features a matchup that didn't just happen in Week 17. How unlikely is it that that three of the four first round matchups are rematches from the games the week before? Still the Ravens and the Patriots met way back near the start of the season. New England won. You may recall that Baltimore was not to happy with the officiating in that game. It was one of several games this season, that the Ravens could have and maybe should have won. If they want to be succesful in the playoffs they have to find a way to win the close games. I'm basing my theory that they won't on the fact that all season long things have gone against them. I wouldn't see why that would change in the postseason. Expect the Patriots, even without Wes Welker, to win this game.

I said back at the start of Bowl season, that I expected Texas to win tonight. I'm reaffirming that pick right now. Colt McCoy is going to go out a winner and give the Horns the BCS championship. I don't really think there are going to be any dramatics in tonight's game either. I just think that the Texas defense is going to slow down Alabama enough to give McCoy and the Texas playmakers enough of a cushion. I like Texas by
at least a touchdown and maybe more.

Word is that Comcast and NBC are about to merge. Or that Comcast is going to buy NBC from GE or something of the sorts. Well I don't think that is a good thing for sports fans. Comcast does everything it can to monopolize the entities it owns - which might be good for Comcast and its shareholders and I respect that - but it isn't good for sports fans. Because if you are a Phillies fan in this area - and you are not a Comcast subscriber - you can't watch the Phillies. That is pretty ridiculous. Obviously, I understand Comcast's motives, but I also understand that the move has made quite a few Philly fans mad. Imagine what Comcast could do if it now controls all of NBC's sports interests - including the online rights to the Olympics. Would Comcast go as far as to only allow Comcast internet subscribers to see the Games online? Something to think about.

How much an impact will Brad Smith have on the NFL playoffs? I think the chances are pretty good that he'll have a positive one for the Jets. You have to like the way New York has used him of late - and the former Missouri QB - has really started to come into his own. I think the model came from how Josh Cribbs was being used in Cleveland, but it just came about quicker in New York. Still, I think Cincinnati wins the game.

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