Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Checking in on the NEC

Brumbaugh introduced

BCS here to stay?

Can Gibbs be an elite player?

You can't go a day without a bracket

Holdin Court

QU beats Brown


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    After seeing the comments about recruits from the previous post, I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about Eric Kindler.

    I couldn't find the original article, but I have a small piece of it that I copied and emailed to my friend when I saw it. It was on July 8, 2009 and was in reference to his team winning a prominent summer league in the area.

    "Eric Kindler, whose recruitment is now swirling around Mount St. Mary's and Bucknell, led Trinity with 24 points."

    I bring it up after reading one of the comments about the Mount really needing to recruit a true shooter. He averages hitting 2-3 three's per game, along with 20 points, and 10 boards and he's got Division I size to back it up: 6-5. He'd be the perfect fit to play the 3 especially since the Mount graduates most of their playing time from the 3 spot this year.

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything about him. Aside from that one summer article in my local Patriot News paper, I haven't heard anything about his recruitment, but I know he hasn't committed anywhere, he's having a stellar senior season and is one of the best in the Harrisburg, PA region.

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I actually saw this kid play last year. Great shot and a real nice build. He seemed to play with a sense of intensity that the Mount lacks this year. The Mount would be lucky to have him. The coaching staff needs to wake up and GET THIS KID! Would be a big addition.