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Mt St. Mary's Siena Game Post

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Siena has a 27-game home winning streak.

There isn't an opposing commentator that doesn't mention Atupem's hair style.

High low action early for the Saints and the Mount has let Ryan Rossiter into the paint on two occasions. 14:45 to play in the first half and the Mount leads 9-3. A good start for them. Beidler has a pair of buckets, Holland has a three and Trice has a floater in the lane. Siena has struggled other than finding Rossiter inside on three occasions now. But the Mount has rebounded well and made some shots at the offensive end. Let's see if we can't keep this rolling.

Goode with a steal and a layup off a halfcourt trap extended the lead to 8. Then an Atupem bucket and a Cajou fastbreak layup has made it 15-4. The Mount is forcing turnovers and converting.

Wholesale substitutions for Siena after the timeout. They sent four new guys in. McCafferty is not happy. 18-4 Mount. Holland buried another three. Mount is 8-15 from the floor

Kyle Downey has scored two straight buckets for Siena to draw the Saints back within 10. Two tough fifteen footers from him have brought them back with ten.

It has been an efficient Mount St. Mary's offense early, full of lots of balance. Trice just buried a three off a set play. Pushed the lead to 23-10. Shawn Atupem did pick up his second personal. The bounces and the breaks starting to go the Mounties way. We are now to the U8 timeout - 7:43 to play 23-10 advantage for the Mount.

4:57 to play in the half - it is now 27-20 as Siena has really turned up the defense. Ryan Rossiter has gotten it going down low as he has 13 of Siena's 22 points. It is 29-22 in favor of the Mount. But once again, I don't like the approach on Rossiter. The Mount is letting him catch the ball. And then trying to defend. Have to make it tougher for him to get the ball. He's proven good things will happen if he gets it.

I got a sick feeling when the Mount led by nine with 30 seconds left and got a foul called on them. I had visions of the Vermont game and sure enough the same thing happened. First free throw went, second free throw missed and Siena got the rebound. Ryan Rossiter ending up scoring to complete a huge first half and a lead that looked like it might be 9 or double digits at the break was all of a sudden 6.

My feed quit - and now I get an game no longer in session error. Does that mean we win? I am not happy.

The feed is back and the lead is 8.

The Mount lead has shrunk to 43-40. It did get back to nine for a moment, but Siena scored six straight and got it back to three. Been a sort of frantic pace at times in the second half, and the game got really sloppy just before that timeout. The Mount offense has looked stagnant at times, after being pretty good early.

This isn't a money game, but the Mount has yet to shoot a foul shot. Siena has shot 16. Jeremy Goode just made two good plays in transition against the leading assist guy in the country - the lead went back to eight but Siena cut it back to four, before the Mount called a timeout. The Mount needs to continue to look for things in transition and do a better job of operating the offense close to the basket. Holland has 13, Beidler 12 and Goode 10 for the Mounties.

It is 51-48, the lead had pushed out to eight on another 3 - this one from Jean Cajou in the corner - off a nice feed from Beidler. But Siena keeps coming and the Mount has to keep looking for ways to answer the Saints run. 11:45 left.

Beidler hit a key three out of the break to push the lead to six, the Mount got a stop by a turnover and a bucket put it back to four. Siena got a bucket off a Beidler miss and then another Mount turnover and a foul on Holland put Ubiles back at the line. The Mount offense was in total disarray. Atupem got a huge bucket for the Mount to restore the lead to three. Will Holland hit a huge turnaround on the baseline to make it 58-53. Goode made a steal at the other end. So the Mount leads by 5 and has the ball and the U8.

Beidler a three and Atupem a drive puts the lead back to 8. Mount shooting 48%. Siena struggling at the free throw line. The Mount hasn't had that problem. They still haven't shot any. Holland just missed a three - and Rossiter scored and was fouled at the other end. Rossiter is down on the floor. But he got up to notch a career high 26. Goode had a shot blocked at the other end and then Ubiles traveled. Why is Goode not in the game? That is the fourth foul on Moore though. The Mount will shoot on the next foul. Mount turnover leads to a bucket 63-60. 3:30 left and Jackson is going to shoot the Mount's first free throw after the break.

Jackson made both free throws and at the other end - a third chance opportunity for Ubiles cut it to 65-62 with 3:15 left.

Beidler going to the line up three with about 2:30 left shooting two. Beidler made one of two. Kels has a season high 19. Ubiles traveled at the other end. Atupem will now shoot one and one. He made the first.

The lead is 69-62 Ubiles missed a free throw. Rossiter got the rebound scored and got fouled. He made the foul. The lead is 69-65 and the Mount has called timeout with 1:02 to play.

Goode has been fouled and will shoot two. 59 seconds left. 69-65. Jeremy missed both and Ronald Moore scored a floater at the other end. And all of a sudden it is 69-67. 52 seconds still left. I think Siena will play it straight up and try to play the possession out.

Ten second violation on the Mount and Moore missed at the other end. Moore got the rebound and was fouled by Jackson to try to tie it. He made the first. He made both. Goode missed a three at the buzzer and Siena leads in overtime.

Moore got another rebound bucket. Siena has scored 11 straight. Unbelievable. It is 73-69 in overtime - and the momentum is all Siena.

Siena won the game 79-76 in overtime. The Mount just made a lot of very bad mistakes down the stretch. For 39 minutes or at least 38 1/2 the Mount played its best basketball of the season. But in the end, it is another loss and a very tough to swallow one. Quinnipiac is up next on Thursday.

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  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Looks to me like Mount has the confidence as they did in the Vermont game, again far better than all the prior games. I think they think they can score, and for sure they will have to continue scoring. More intense defense will be needed, but there are too many good shooters on Siena to double team Rossiter. I wish I could hear Milan right now. The Mount is sure not playing like a 20 point underdog. We need one more good half.

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I am not at all surprised at the Mount's level of play, but the late mistakes fooled me. They indeed had the game won. Again, as with Vermont, I think MSM has better overall talent. The execution was very good for about 37 minutes tonight. Did ya see monmouth and FD won?