Friday, January 15, 2010


There is really no other way to describe my feelings leaving Knott Arena last night. And based upon the reactions of those around me and on this site last night, I was far from alone.
  • One of the commenters (and I appreciate many of you starting to use something to identify yourselves) said there was nothing positive to take from the result. I saw a lot of Syracuse gear in the crowd. Like 2 hats, a sweatshirt and a t-shirt that made me happy. Otherwise, nothing.
  • Truth is I knew with 12 minutes left in the first half - I would leave disappointed. There was no energy no spark - and no desire to blow out a struggling St. Francis team.
  • The Terriers didn't score in the first five minutes of the game, when they finally did, the Mount led just 6-1. That immediately made me concerned.
  • St. Francis finally scored from the field with 13 minutes left in the first half, and remarkably the Mount only had a 9-3 lead. I was even more scared after that.
  • The Mount starters jumped to an immediate 6-0 lead less than two minutes into the game, and three substitutes entered the game. Over the next five minutes, St. Francis scored three points and the Mount did nothing more than match that. It was at that point, that I knew the results were not going to impress me - win or lose.
  • I really expected last night to be a coming out party. To be a return to home base after all that time away - to be focused on making a big run - and to show everyone that they weren't done yet. A statement game. It was none of that.
  • How bad was it? When Jeremy Goode somehow corraled a missed foul shot with around 50 seconds and fed Kelly Beidler underneath for a 58-57 Mount lead it appeared that maybe we'd sneak away with a win. My daughter - the brighest of 10-year old kids (I can say that, she's my daughter) said, but Dad they don't deserve to win. It was that obvious.
  • So we got what we deserved. Maybe St. Francis didn't deserve to win either. Afterall their performance wasn't much the better. Minus the three straight three-pointers that took a 52-45 deficit and made it a 54-52 lead with about 4 minutes left, there wasn't much in what the Terriers did to get thrilled about. 
  • The Mount had every chance to end the game early. To blow out a team - that was more than struggling on the road - and end any thoughts of a comeback. But it didn't happen. It hasn't happened. And the questions and concerns from the posters on this site and in the crowd around me are justified.
I'm not giving up. I'm sure most of you won't either. And I haven't seen any real signs from this team that they have thrown in the towel. I don't think they will either. I'll be there Saturday afternoon - hoping that the team I believe this Mount team was going to be or could still become appears. But we're running out of time and the window is closing very, very quickly.


  1. Meanwhile, Quinnipiac absolutely blitzed Central (Connecticut), at least temporarily putting to rest some questions about their road form (although it was just a 30-minute drive after all). They should win their next four games (Bryant twice, Wagner, and Central again) and go to Emmitsburg at 8-1 in the conference.
    Big game tomorrow for the Mount.

  2. form - you do like soccer