Monday, January 25, 2010

That was fun

Beating Georgetown just never gets old.

And that was a woodshed type beating. Certainly, it was only a 17-point win, but down eight three minutes into the game, you knew Syracuse was going to win.

The thing that this team does so well is share the basketball. And they did it so well on Monday night. They needed a little bit of a lift early and Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph gave it to them. Notice how JB didn't waste any time getting them into the action. The Orange had 18 assists on 24 baskets - Jardine had four of those assists and Andy Rautins led the Orange with six assists.

But all in all it was the defense that made the difference. Syracuse started the game down 14-0 - quicker than a Greg Robinson coached team could find that hole - but picked up the defensive effort at that point. Georgetown shot just 42% and turned the ball over 19 times. That was was allowed Syracuse to get back in the game offensively.

At 20-1, the Orange has a few easier games upcoming in the Big East. DePaul and Providence are next before a trip to Cincinnati. The big games will come toward the middle of February.

But this team has already shown that the real important games will come in March. There is no doubt that this team is a true title contender. Right now its deserving of a number one seed - and will be a tough team to contend with in March because of the ability to do some many things. And the ability to do so many of them so well.

The ride has been fun thus far. But I get the feeling that it is just beginning.

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  1. Richard3:40 PM

    Hey Raff, first off you are awesome! At least that's what lost puppy dog following the big dogs Gerick told me- hahahahaha. Raff, could you please tell me who the Mount plays, that you know of non conference so I can prepare early for reservations and to know what exotic locales I will be traveling to next season. I went to American, Old Dominion, Pitt, Navy. SFPA, and last the Conn. trip to QU and Sac Heart this year.