Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Syracuse/Rutgers In Game Thread

Feel Free to post your thoughts in-game. I'll try to post my after the completion, as I'm celebrating my father's birthday with the family tonight.


  1. Ray C7:40 PM

    At the first TV timeout:

    * When did we turn into Duke? Has to be 50/50 in the crowd right now? Or maybe just no one is there?

    * Rutgers goes zone. Good luck with that.

    * Rutgers hot early, and it looks they want to run.

    * 8-6 SU, 15:43 to go 1st half, decent start, but we have to rebound better.

  2. Ray C7:49 PM

    * Rosario misses a 3. That was a brave choice to go to Rutgers for him. Also seems like a stupid one.

    * Rutgers' big people can't catch or they would have had a couple of layups already.

    * A lot of our weaknesses have been hidden by good rebounding (especially at the defensive end), but it's been a struggle lately.

    * Johnson robbed of a bucket when he's called (incorrectly) for basket interference.

    * 15-8 SU, Rautins 5 straight points, Time out, Rutgers, 13:22 left 1st half. SU is tremendous getting points off turnovers, which works well against bad teams like tonight.

    * Rautins turnover, Ruthers points. He shouldn't be allowed to dribble more than twice. Ever.

    * 17-13 SU at the Under 12. Rutgers is game, three 3-pointers already, but I don't know if they're talented enough to keep up, especially if they're going to play zone.

  3. Ray C7:59 PM

    * When Rutgers misses (and SU actually gets the rebound), they are made to pay with transition points.

    * Miller and Beatty (guards) have all 13 of Rutgers' points so far.

    * SU a little off, a few bad shots in the half court.

    * Dunk from Ndiaye, but it was kind of lucky, SU should have picked that ball off.

    * Another bad shot against the Rutgers zone, Rutgers hanging around. Don't like it.

    * Rautins hits another 3, he has 11. How do they leave him open? And why can't he do this every time we face a zone?

    * Mookie Jones is on the court? Why?

    * Honestly, SU not playing well in the slightest, but up 23-15 at the Under 8 TO. Ugly, ugly stuff.

  4. Ray C8:10 PM

    * Pitt up 32-29 over UConn at the Civic Center (llok at the beautiful Whaler banners in the background).

    * West Virginia leads South Florida 32-30 at the half. Glad we don't have to go to Tampa this season, that could be tricky.

    * O-women trying to hang on against Rutgers, why is that game going on at the same time as this one?

    * Nice pass by Mookie, give him credit for that one, 25-15. Been a while since Rutgers has scored.

    * Too many turnovers again tonight, pushing it when we shouldn't, etc. Triche out after s stupid turnover.

    * One of the refs also refs in the NFL. That is impressive, like Bo Jackson.

    * Time out Rutgers after a trap in the corner, 27-18 SU with 5:04 left. Rutgers went full court press last time, we'll see if they stay with it.

    * Another run out layup for SU, Mookie scores. 29-18, but another turnover as Arinze charges.

    * Mookie from about 25 feet hits. Stares at someone, might be me, I might deserve it.

    * 32-18 SU at the Under 4. Rutgers just lost against the zone. Let's see if we can kill them off before halftime.

  5. Ray C8:18 PM

    * Rutgers goes to some junk defense (triangle-and-2?) Might as well try something.

    * Rosario misses. He's 0-for-8. They say, "He's getting a lot of attention". Probably wouldn't get that attention somewhere else.

    * Jackson dunk. 36-18 SU.

    * Rim looks really small for Rutgers right now as you hear "Let's go Orange" with very few boos to drown them out.

    * Another turnover. Bleah.

    * Another Rautins turnover. Rutgers dunk. Well, in his defense, he didn't dribble that time.

    * Mookie hits another 3, but is answered by Rosario.

    * Uh oh, Jardine is hurt. Doesn't look too bad, but he hobbles off.

    * Triche takes an ill-advised shot.

    * Rutgers holds for 1 shot, turns it over instead and SU gets a transition layup with 1 second left. Ouch.

    * 41-23 SU at the half, and I'd like to say it was a vintage performance, but Rutgers is just that bad.

  6. Ray C8:44 PM

    Back for the second half:

    * Rutgers still fired up, they come out in man and get an early bucket.

    * After a little resistance, SU runs off 6 straight points, 4 of them in transition, Rutgers has to use another TO and it's threatening to get ugly at the RAC.

    * Rutgers goes full-court pressure with some success. I worry mightily about that against Villanova, Louisville, and UConn. 50-31 SU at the Under 16.

  7. Ray C8:54 PM

    * Letting Rutgers make a run here, and I don't like it. Within 16 after a Rosario 3. Another layup cuts it to 14, and the full-court press causes another turnover and another layup, 50-38 with 14:33 left. Timeout SU.

    * Rautins hits a big 3 in transition to make it 15, but somehow SU has turned it over 2 more times in the last 20 seconds. We just can't take care of the ball.

    * Rosario hits another 3 and he's on fire. Rosario again driving to the basket and it's a 10-point game. Another turnover and another layup, Rugers within 53-45. There's a lesson here somewhere. Actually a couple of lessons.

    * Luckily, Rautins is on fire, hits a 2, but SU is being outworked all over the floor. 55-45 at the Under 12, but we have ourselves a ballgame here.

  8. Ray C9:07 PM

    * Rosario has 14 points in the 2nd half. Rautins has 18 in the game.

    * West Virginia has put away South Florida. Let's see if Syracuse can do the same here.

    * Mookie back in with some big minutes. Let's see.

    * Trap in the zone causes a turnover and Rautins to the line. Makes both.

    * Rutgers hits yet another 3 to cut it to 60-48. Times like this I wish we could pull something else, even for a possession.

    * Sorry, was distracted by Pitt beating UConn in Hartford 67-57, and Rutgers has hit back-to-back 3s to cut it to 63-54. Timeout SU with 8:20 left. Rutgers fans actually making noise now.

    * Rutgers has hit six 3s in the second half.

    * Arinze makes a free throw. That's news, and a big one. Got the second, too. 65-54. Layup for Rutgers at the other end.

    * Mookie is getting a long look because of Triche's struggles. Dunk for Johnson off a Jardine assist.

    * 67-56 SU at the Under 8 (6:27 to go). Rutgers ball when we come back,

  9. Ray C9:17 PM

    *O-women put away Rutgers 79-66. Good for them, 15-1.

    * Distracted by a Cincinnati collapse at MSG in front of a couple of fans. Johnnies came from behind to grab a 52-50 lead with 7 seconds left.

    * SU forgets to box out, an easy 2 on the rebound, 67-58.

    * St. John's wins 52-50. Good for them, too.

    * Rosario tries a 30-footer and all he gets is a Jardine layup at the other end. 71-58 SU with 4:28 left. Can exhale a little. Timeout Rutgers.

    * Mookie still in there. Don't necessarily like bleeding the shot clock, but they find Arinze inside for 2. Rutgers answers with a layup.

    * 73-60 SU at the Under 4 (3:12). SU ball when we come back.

  10. Ray C9:29 PM

    * Rautins takes a charge and falls to the ground hard, but looks OK.

    * Fans starting to stream out of the RAC as the SU fans get loud again.

    * Mookie buries a 3 as the shot clock expires. Shut me up tonight, I'll tell you that. Long 3 from Beatty, 76-63 SU with 1:25 left, TO Rutgers, their last one.

    * Rutgers fouls Rautins, 2 shots, and he misses first. He's 64% at the line this season. That's pathetic, really is.

    * SU finished off an 81-65 win to go to 15-1. They'll have to play a lot better Saturday, though, to get a victory. Rutgers is just not good. When do they play DePaul?

    * Off to Wisconsin/Northwestern.