Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Howdy folks

Glad to finally post. Quick facts about me, Ray Curren:

* I live in Connecticut, but hate UConn (I am a Syracuse grad after all).

* I actually watch NEC basketball once in a while, even if it is the Connecticut teams (Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart, Central Connecticut).

* I love soccer, more than any other sport. But I'm not here to try to convert you. Not until the World Cup at least (if you are a soccer fan, I write for

* I do root for the Mount when they're not playing a Connecticut team.

* I'm a fan of the World Champion New York Yankees. And I know they buy all their players. And I know you hate them. And I would probably hate them, too, if I grew up somewhere else, but I didn't, so there.

* I also root for the New York Giants (hiding head in shame), and the New Orleans Hornets (there's a story behind that one, maybe someday they'll be time for it).

* I've picked North Carolina to win the national title in the NCAA Pool in 19 of the last 20 seasons. The one year I didn't, I correctly picked Florida as a No. 3 seed. Why? I still don't know. That was the only year I've actually won anything, but I continue to think I know what's going to happen every year.

* My favorite hockey team is the Hartford Whalers. I refuse to root for another team until they come back (and they will come back).

That's about it for now. Until the next SU game.

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