Tuesday, December 01, 2009


There were no surprises on Tuesday.

One day after reports surfaced that Bobby Bowden would step aside as the head coach at Florida State, he made it official at an afternoon press conference.

And so with it the second winningest head coach in College Football history's career is complete. And unless San Francisco needs a football coach sometime soon, Joe Paterno has won. After the two coaching greats passed Bear Bryant in wins a few years back, it seemed as if whomever could survive the longest would end up with the title as the winningest college football coach in history.

JoePa was nearly forced out several years ago and it looked like even if he stayed he wouldn't be able to keep up with Bowden. But the Nits program flourished the last several years, and Bowden and the 'Noles won only six games in three of the last four seasons.

So now Paterno doesn't need to stay to win the record. And who knows if that was ever any motivation for JoePa. The problems that did exist in Happy Valley have seemingly been ironed out and however the football program is being run, its still working.

There are many today who think Paterno will make an announcement soon. Say that next year will be his last. Don't count on it. Paterno doesn't seem ready to give up the title of Czar of Paternoville anytime soon. Paterno will turn 83 later this month. But chances are he'll be coaching long after that. As long as Penn State continues to win and the Alums continue to pack Beaver Stadium, Paterno will be the coach.

But maybe Joe will see what happened to Bowden today and think, that's not the way I want it to be with me. So he'll come to the conclusion that he can leave now and go out when he's on top of everything (including that career wins list). But I don't see it happening. I think JoePA has another good 5 years in him. At least.

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