Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two late free throws the difference

The first thing they teach you at refereeing school is don't let a game goto overtime. Given the opportunity, the refereeing crew made a call with 2.5 seconds left and sent Joey Accaoui to the free three line in a tie game. Accaoui, despite the five vowels, made both free throws and the Mount was unable to get off a shot in the final seconds as Vermont won a 71-69 game at Knott Arena.

Marqus Blakely showed exactly why he has been the America East Player of the Year the last two years (and will be again) as he scored 26 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the win. Maurice Joseph made 4-of-7 three pointers and added 14 as the Catamounts won the first game between the two schools.

Vermont took its largest lead of the game at 65-58 with 3:43 but the Mount rallied with 11 of the next 15 points to tie it at 69. Danny Thompson scored six of his eight points during that stretch including two layups in the last 21 seconds. His layup with 8 seconds left tied it at 69.

The Catamounts inbounded to Accaoui who worked the length of the floor and took a fadeway 16-footer that came up helplessly short. But Goode was whistled for a foul (a phantom one from my second deck vantage point) and Accaoui took advantage.

Jeremy Goode led the Mount with 20 points, while Jean Cajou had 12. Kelly Beidler chipped in with 11 and 9 rebounds, while Shawn Atupem had 11 before fouling out. The Mount shot the ball a little better, 44%, but was 23-of-45 on two point shots. And a disappointing 11-of-20 effort from the foulline cost the Mounties in a close game.

I'll have more thoughts tomorrow - feel free to post yours in the comments section.

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  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    The Mount team played very well. I thought they had an across the board talent advantage, were quicker and more athletic, worked the ball fairly well and I was just very pleased with the team and future possibilities. Barber helped set the tone with some inside presence and the rebounding was very much better. Then there was this guy Blakely. A world apart. The Mount played him quite well, but he is a major force. I hated the last 60 seconds - that call on the kid who flat out missed his shot was awful. They could have made up by calling Blakely on Holland with 1 second left, but that would have meant the Mount would have to make 2 FT to tie. So many ways we could have won - any of the 3 threes that rimmed out, that awful offensive goal tending call, of course some FREE THROW SHOOTING. Did ya notice how much of this game was played above the rim? Finally, will someone please tell me about the last 3 seconds of the first half. Blakely tips in a missed free throw, the clock keeps running and runs out before the Mount gets the ball in. Is this the rule or are they supposed to stop the clock until someone touches it after it is taken out? If the latter is true, bad on the refs and time keeper.

  2. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Goode wasn't within 5 feet of the shooter when he took that final shot. One of the worst calls I've seen ever.

  3. Ray C2:08 AM

    Saw Quinnipiac dismantle Dartmouth tonight over at TD tonight, Bobcats are the class of the NEC right now. But, of course, that's right now. Feldeine is a very good player. QU, starting with the coaching staff, has set out to pick up the scraps from what UConn doesn't want and that's plenty good enough for the NEC right now. Sacred Heart might be second. Go Connecticut, I guess. But it's a very weak league, just look at the scores tonight.

    Elsewhere, UConn is not good, which is nice to see.

    You're right about Rautins and defenses not being able to double inside, but he has to understand that and not force the issue all the time, that's how he gets the 6 turnovers.

  4. Quickly on the time at the end of the first half. The clock only stops in the last one minute of the game and overtime on made baskets.

    QU may be the class right now. They lost to Vermont by 3, the Mount lost by 2. We'll see how it plays out.

    They play twice in January.

  5. It's not like Quinnipiac is some national juggernaut or something, but I just think they're a little better than the rest of the NEC. Sacred Heart might be 2nd right now, and the Mount has both of them next week.
    Sadly, I have soccer on Thursday nights, I'm going to try to move the time so I can head up for some of the QU-Mount game at least. Saturday is soccer day as well when they're at Sacred Heart, but we'll see. Big week next week for the Mount.

    By the week, NEC 30th of 31 conferences in the RPI. Only one behind them: the SWAC. Grambling, baby.

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Second deck? Where exactly are you sitting?

  7. Upon entering - you either go up or down. Last night I went up. Second deck sounded good though didn't it?

  8. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Is Ryan and Raff the same person?