Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mount Old Dominion Game Thread

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Live Video available here

7-4 ODU at the first media timeout. The Monarchs play good hard defense. Shawn Atupem has started well and has all of the Mount's points thus far. It's been a decent start, but points are going to be tough to come by. And ODU has a real size advantage.

Mount trails by a 14-8 count. Pierre Brown with a pair of turnovers and he got lost on defense the last trip - and Neely buried a three.

A wideangle camera would help.

11:30 to play half one still 14-8. The Mount not only saved the ball under their own basket, they did it twice on the same possession and somehow got away with it. It appears that the Monarchs want to get the ball inside - and that seems to be a good strategy.

6:56 to play its now 19-10. A lot of offensive troubles for the Mount. ODU has extended the pressure out front and the Mount is struggling to get anything against it. Plus they've had a few shots inside that haven't fallen. A real struggle offensively at the moment.

9 turnovers for the Mount and they are being outrebounded 18-9. Lucky its not worse.

Kenny Gattison was a better player than he is Color Commentator.

Gerald Lee is a good post player for the Monarchs. It's 22-10 and the Mount calls timeout. Pierre Brown a turnover led to a Bazemore dunk.

3:44 to go and it is 24-12. Jeremy Goode drove the lane for a good bucket to end a scoreless stretch for the Mount. As bad as its been its only 12. If they can win this last segment, they can go to the halftime with a shot to get back in the game.

It's 35-16 at the half. It hasn't been pretty thus far.

It is 45-20 now. Not much to say. The exam break comes for the Mount - and they'll have until next Saturday until they play again. The break might do them so good.


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I have a headache from this camera work

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Rule Number 1- Don't save the ball under your own basket.

  3. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I have a headache from the Mount playing

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    this is the worst performance I have seen in 20 years

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM

    50 years

  6. Anonymous8:42 PM

    42 points in 1952 and again in 1977

  7. Anonymous8:45 PM

    and 42 points twice more since 2000