Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mt. St. Mary's/Pittsburgh Game Thread

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11-2 Pitt - It's been a rough start for the Mount at the Peterson Events Center. The Panthers have looked very sharp offensively and have gotten a few offensive boards to keep possessions alive. The Mount has seemed to have better spacing and flow offensively, but can't get any shots to go. Beidler has the only two points.

11-4 Pitt - 13:58 - Will Holland is back from his injury, but is 0-for-3 from the floor. The Mount getting good looks, but not making those shots at the moment.

15-6 Pitt - 11:35 - Beidler has four, Goode has two. The Mount seems a little fresher offensively and might now have their feet underneath them in this one. But they still need some jumpers to go and they have to do a much better job on the defensive glass. Too many second chance opportunities for the Panthers.

15-6 Pitt - Under 8 TO - I guess the best thing to say is the defense was good during that segment. The mount seemed to be helped on the glass by the collegiate debut of the athletic Jacolby Wells. Wells did miss his only shot, but he made an impression at the other end. This game needs someone to get hot in a hurry.

21-18 Pitt - 3:57 - Some good stuff for the Mount forces a Pitt timeout. The Mount seems to be gaining some confidence. Need to play well here before halftime.

23-18 Pitt Under 4 TO - Pitt got an easy layup after the timeout, the Mount missed a pair of threes (Goode and Holland) Will has been solid though, knocking down a pair of trifectas and Atupem has made a couple nice moves inside for some points as well. The five on the floor, Beidler, Goode, Cajou, Jackson and Holland before that TO.

30-18 Pitt at Half - The Panthers made a good run before the half. The Mount obviously went the last four minutes without a point. They missed a shot or two, but that was probably the best Pitt played defensively in the first half. And the Mount struggled. Meanwhile, Pitt worked the offense for some good shots - and got a key offensive rebound or two to keep possessions alive. I think I heard the stat that 20 of the Panthers 30 first half points came on 2nd chances.

First half thoughts....the commenter is right there is still some confidence needed. But there were some positivies. Hopefully, those positives can be magnified in the second half and some confidence can be built. Pitt is a good basketball team, and a better than good defensive team. But the Mount needs to get a little bit more efficient on the offensive end and see if that can help them in the second half and then let that carry over in the games ahead. Getting Jean Cajou going would be a good thing

33-28 Pitt and Dixon called a timeout. The Mount has looked good to start the second half. Three straight layups and then a Goode pullup J have pulled them within five. Beidler had a pair of buckets as did Atupem during the stretch. A lot to build on during that stretch.

36-28 Pitt at the U16 - Pitt got a conventional three-point play after the TO as Dixon continues to draw up some good stuff in the timeout circles. The Mount has Goode headed to the line after the break. So a chance to cut back into it. Let's see if this good start offensively can be sustained.

46-35 Pitt at the U12 - A lot more pace for the Mount offensively and I like it. But Pitt has been effective offensively as well and is building the lead at the moment. Holland missed a pair of free throws a moment ago and that hurt. Trice is headed there when the game resumes and the Mount can cut back into the lead. They are in the bonus with a lot of time left, but how many opportunities will they get in a money game on the road late?

50-38 Pitt - TO Milan - Lamar Trice really did a good job defensively on the ball when he was in the game. The Mount needs a few stops and soon - which means they have to rebound to get back into it.

55-38 Pitt - TO Milan 8:38 left - Pitt has made a nice run based on some good shooting and getting to the offensive glass. 35-23 rebounding advantage for the Panthers.

Same score at the U8 - The Mount isn't getting a lot offensively right now. Seems more stagnant. Need to finish strong and let that carry over to Boston. This Pitt team is decent. Pretty good defensively. And the Mount needs to finish strong so it can be a positive effort. There have definitely been some good signs, particularly in the 2nd half.

57-46 as the Mount has outscored Pitt 8-2 in that section. Good news was Cajou got going a bit. 6 points.

61-46 at the U4 - Pitt got a rebound bucket and then a fast break score to extend the lead. Goode, who has 10, is headed to the line after the break. This has been the best offensive half I can remember from the Mount since maybe the Navy game. And it might have been before that. But they have gotten some inside outside balance, have gone hard to the bucket. Have drawn fouls and its been positive. Pitt has just had an answer. The timid beginning is the reason for the deficit.

66-48 - is the final. Some more thoughts later. The last segment included the debut of Raven Barber, who got on the scoresheet in the process. Some things to build on. I'll be excited to see what transpires in Boston.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    C-C-Confidence needed

  2. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I feel a bit better about the prospects for the team seeing Barber, Wells and Holland available. I know Milan likes to upgrade in kind, so Barber and Wells as a substitute for Atupem and Mitchell was the thought; that's partially why the season has been out of balance thusfar. Did give a chance for Tayvon and Thompson to get some time. Now coach has to put it together; perhaps get a smaller rotation, but the outlook I think may be exciting. Weird to say but I like the possibilities.