Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If We had A College Football Playoff - First Round Matchups

Over the next six weeks, I will be simulating a college football playoff. Based on the 64-team NCAA Basketball bracket - the tourney will be sure to entertain. The top 68 Sagarin rated teams were included in this year's bracket (based upon the number of teams participating in bowl games). Four games were played at neutral sites last weekend as "play-in" games. This weekend all games are played at the better seeded teams home field.

Here are this week's matchups....

64 Marshall @ 1 Alabama
The Herd won a play-in game last week, but might find the Tide a tougher opponent

33 California @ 32 Oklahoma State
Can the Cowboys slow down Jahvid Best?

49 Fresno State @ 16 Arkansas
A lot of folks didn't want to draw Pat Hill's Bulldogs

48 Rutgers @ 17 Stanford
The Scarlet Knights have to make the cross-country trip.

56 Minnesota @ 9 Georgia Tech
Gophers get into the field - but will face a Top 10 seed

41 UCLA @ 24 Nebraska
Can the momentum from the Big 12 Championship game carryover for the Huskers?

40 UCONN @ 25 Auburn
UCONN can quickly become the Cinderella Story?

57 Temple @ 8 Boise State
Good opener for the Broncs - not having to face a BCS also-ran

60 Troy @ 5 Oregon
The Ducks seem to have the most favorable of seedings

37 Central Michigan @ 28 Georgia
Dawgs better be very careful in this one

53 Michigan State @ 12 Ohio State
Love the fact that Conference opponents aren't seperated in the first round

44 Missouri @ 21 Clemson
Battle of the Tigers

52 Nevada @ 13 USC
13th might be a little high for the Trojans

45 Notre Dame @ 20 Penn State
Who coaches the Irish?

36 Wisconsin @ 29 BYU
This is an important game for the little conferences

61 SMU @ 4 TCU
Bitter rivals square off - you know the Pony Express would love to end the Horned Frogs dream season.

62 Northern Illinois @ 3 Texas
Horns hoping to get early jump on - won't have to leave the state until Quarterfinals

35 Utah @ 30 North Carolina
Another important game for the Mountain West

51 Air Force @ 14 Arizona
The Cats were really climbing at end of season

46 East Carolina @ 19 Iowa
Will Iowa need another second half rally?

54 Texas A&M @ 11 Miami
Facing the Aggies in Round One can't be a good thing.

43 Houston @ 22 Ole Miss
How do you spell entertaining?

38 Boston College @ 27 West Virginia
Former Big East foes battle? Do you think the Eagles will get hot water in Morgantown?

59 Northwestern @ 6 Cincinnati
This could lead to a rivalry. We think it should

58 Southern Miss @ 7 Virginia Tech
Was there ever a Metro football Conference? Can we start one?

39 Kentucky @ 26 Tennessee
As if the first time wasn't classic enough

55 Central Florida @ 10 LSU
I just don't see this as being fair

42 Florida State @ 23 Oklahoma
Does Bobby have one more miracle in him?

50 Navy @ 15 Oregon State
How will the Beavers defend the triple option?

47 South Florida @ 18 Pittsburgh
We are hoping for that 2008 Sun Bowl rematch in Round Two

34 South Carolina @ 31 Texas Tech
Spurrier doesn't like to get out O'ed

63 Ohio @ 2 Florida
Any lingering effects from the SEC championship loss should be disposed of early

Check back this weekend for all the results - Thursday night, Friday night, and all through the day Saturday.

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