Monday, December 21, 2009

Why the rush?

So I'm watching the Wyoming/Fresno State New Mexico Bowl game the other night (yes, I was the one). Granted, it was a time-filler at the local establishment I was at before the NFL Network game was to air. But hey, an overtime game will get me every time. My viewing begins with Wyoming missing a field goal at the end of the first OT, only to find redemption and win in the second extra-session. The final score shows the Cowboys finish the season 7-6. Now, we can debate the merits of a 6-6 team even making the postseason, but here's one thing that needs no debate: Cowboys fans storming the field to celebrate this momentous victory.

It's my belief that storming the field/court should be reserved for only the biggest of wins. Big wins over your arch-rival, conference titles, wins by a NEC team to make the Big Dance, a Syracuse football victory, etc. But for the love of all things great and small, NOT THE NEW MEXICO BOWL.

Have we as a society become so desperate for good news that something like this deserves storming? Wyoming fans: Cowboy up. Have some pride. Congratulations on winning a bowl game. It's a good step for your program. But it's a step backwards for fans everywhere when these are the types of events that warrant the big sprint. I'm ashamed to be a member of fan-nation today.

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  1. Not once but twice.

    They had to be called back to the bleachers after the first OT field goal miss.

    Hey and it's not like Wyoming has never won a bowl game. They beat UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl in 2004 - not even that long ago. Didn't a girl kick in that game?

    But if you drove from Laramie to Albuquerque you might be dying to make that sprint. And afterall it was Fresno State.