Sunday, December 13, 2009

Syracuse St. Francis NY Game Thread

I'll be attending my daughter's performance in Santa's Winter Wonderland so I won't be able to see most of the game live.

Please use the Comments section to post your thoughts on the game as it transpires.

Not much to like about the early minutes of the SU game. Except of course for the supreme confidence of Rick Jackson down low. Syracuse can't let the foreigner stand and shoot. He can knock it down and knock it down from distance, but he has to be standing and shooting. When he's on the move as he was on his second attempt the accuracy drops - dramatically. Syracuse a little bit better in the latter section of that segment. It's 11-7 and Jackson is headed to the line. He has six of the 11.

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  1. Ray C8:32 PM

    One thing about today's game: Mookie Jones kills us on defense. Doesn't get out on any shooters, and has no hands to get any steals or rebounds. I think the coaches aren't stupid when he's on the bench most of the time.

    Don't even think St. Francis is a threat in the NEC. Quinnipiac lost by 3 to Vermont, but they could have won the game and their athleticism makes them one of the favorites. Sacred Heart was handled fairly easy by intra-city rival Fairfield, who looks like a MAAC favorite (after Siena, of course).

    Meanwhile, as South Florida was losing at home to Central Michigan, the A-10 making a statement that they can play a little: Temple beat up Villanova physically, Rhode Island ran Boston College out of their own gym, and Xavier was beating Cincinnati 45-35 with 10 minutes left.