Saturday, December 05, 2009

View from my Couch - Saturday

Views from the games as I watch them


Game is nearing halftime and its been all Pitt. The Panthers, as I expected, are taking it to the Bearcats. They are slowing down the UC offense enough with the defense but really slowing it down with the offense. Meaning the Pitt offense ground out three touchdowns on long drives - keeping the Bearcat offense on the sidelines. Then the defense forced a turnover and a blocked punt to lead to 10 more Pitt points and it was a 3 score lead....Mardy Gilyard just returned a kick for a touchdown for the Bearcats, so they get back into the game. It's 31-17 and they haven't reached halftime yet. That was a huge play....Teams are trading the football back and forth like its a trading card you've got triples of before halftime. Sacred Heart/Monmouth score just flashed on the screen. The Pioneers are well ahead....UC is trying a 55-yard field goal in Heinz Field. Good Luck....Dion Lewis had 29 carries in the first half, and the first one in the second. He's 12 off of the all-time Pitt record held by Craig Heyward. If Pitt keeps the lead, you'd expect him to beat it....The Cincy D forced a three and out to start the second half. That is huge....Cincy hadn't trailed at the half all year until today...The Cincy offense did nothing after getting it back. Brian Kelly doesn't look happy. Will they use Collaros for a series or more? Collaros getting loose....East Carolina and Houston in a good game in the CUSA final as well. The Pirates with the lead and the big advantage of playing at home....UC is within one score as Pike has hit Gilyard with a deep touchdown pass. Pitt was doing a good job getting to Pike in the backfield. But on that occassion he had the time to find Gilyard overtop the first level of defenders and he made a little move around the safety after making the catch and ran the rest of the way....All the momentum in this game is clearly with the Bearcats. I've got to say, after the Panthers went up 31-10, they were acting as if they had won the Super Bowl. The return from Gilyard came right after that, and Pitt hasn't done anything since. But they did just get a interception to thwart that drive from UC. Maybe this will change things around....They are headed to the fourth quarter and Pitt still leads it. Should be a good fourth....Pitt has the ball back in good field position after the Pitt defense held UC deep after a UC interception....Lewis is grinding out yards now - as the UC defense which had been playing well in the second half, seems to be wearing down....Lewis is in for the score and its going to be a real long way back for Cincy. They have 12:26 to try to shave 14 points off the lead....The Bearcats have eliminated six points, but they missed an extra point. However, they are about to get the ball back with just about 9 minutes to play -- and they should have good field position. Actually a pretty good punt that goes out of bounds at the UC 32....Cincy has tied it. It just hasn't felt good for Pitt lately. Let's see how they respond to this....The Panthers are responding. They've crossed midfield and got fifteen tagged on to move to the 30....Controversial call on the next play - and they picked the flag up. Lewis has 45 carries....It looks like it should have been a facemask. The call was initially made and then wiped out. But Pitt just converted on a big third down play - and is in perfect field goal position now - and they can work on the clock as well....Lewis got to the five but he went out of bounds....Lewis scores with 1:36 left. Now can the Panthers hold them....And Pitt botches the extra point, so the Cats need just a TD and XP to win the game. The holder just dropped the ball. One timeout left, I think for UC....Check that 2 TO's - so plenty of time, with the clock stopping on first downs....Gilyard gives them good field position at the 37.... Into Pitt territory, 1:02 left.... Pike hits Gilyard inside the 30 with :39 left and UC has used its first timeout....Wow what a game....Touchdown Armand Binns. I think Pitt was offside. Flag wont matter....Still :33 left for Pitt and they need the XP - that was missed the last time....It's good....Cincinnati is going to be the Big East champ and the rep in the BCS. Likely headed to Orange Bowl. Will Brian Kelly go with them? Reported today that Kelly says he is willing to talk to Notre Dame should they be interested in him....This was a great game....Doubt you'll see anything better in the SEC or Big 12 later today....Stull sacked on fourth down....CINCINNATI Wins The Game 45-44.


The Scarlet Knights are getting back into the game in a game we've been keeping our eyes on. But they just had a punt blocked which gave the Mountaineers good field position....I hope that the day comes, and comes soon, that the Orange gets good enough where it can finish its Big East season in December....Rutgers just got the ball back off a Jarrett Brown mishandled snap and the Knights have a chance to win this one late...The East Coast weather is affecting these quarterbacks. The wind and the snow a factor in both of these games I've watched. Rutgers is down to a fourth down play....WVU gets a tipped ball interception and should get out of Piscataway with the win...The Knights do have 3 TO's though...Anybody watching San Jose State and Louisiana Tech? Just noticed they are playing....Looks like the Mountaineers are going to need one first down to salt this one away....I think West Virginia should run the ball and force them to use their timeout and then punt it and make Rutgers go the length of the field with no timeouts and about 1:30 left....Bill Belichick notwithstanding.....Jarrett Brown kept the ball on a bootleg. Used a stiff arm to get away from George Johnson and he got the first down....Schiano is an idiot.....That should just be said everytime Rutgers is in the converstation....15 straight wins in the series for West Virginia....WEST VIRGINIA Won The Game 24-21.


The Florida offense is on the field with eight minutes left in the third quarter. They trail by 13 points 26-13 and it seems like the Tide has total control of this game. They have just forced a Florida punt. Serves the Gators right for wearing those F helmets. What happened to the Gators helmets?....I haven't seen anything in the second half that makes me think Florida is going to rally in this game. Alabama is in complete control and the third quarter is winding down....I'm pretty sure the SEC is the best conference in the land. I also think that Gary Danielson might be the best analyst....Greg McElroy is making plays for the Tide....The Tide has converted on seven of ten third down plays. They are just taking it to this Florida defense that has been so good all season...8 of 11 now on third downs, the O line just keeps opening holes in the Florida defensive front....Not only are they scoring points, but they are taking time off the clock and beating up on Florida....Alabama faithful have taken over the Georgia Dome - as the Tide has gone up three scores. The touchdown is under review, but I think it will stand. And if it doesn't they will likely score on the next play, TD confirmed anyhow....Conversion failed but Alabama leads 32-13....ALABAMA Won The Game 32-13


Just saw Bevo for the first time tonight and it reminded me of the Monday presser where Coach P totally went nuts about having the opportunity to beat Texas in Texas and letting it get away. Game ended in a tie, so you know it was awhile ago. Two missed Pat O'Neill field goals late if I recall. "Bevo, the Band, the whole crowd......." Good times.....Is it possible that this game ends 7-6. I just get the feeling there isn't going to be a lot of offense in the second half.


SOUTHERN MISS @ OLE MISS - Skipped over Carolina/Kentucky to watch this game. The Golden Eagles have a little bit of a buzz about them and have started 5-0, so I wanted to see if there is any legitamacy to that. Ole Miss is a good team that lost to 'Nova in Puerto Rico, so this will be a test. Thus far, So Miss is passing it. They have an early lead....Another reason to watch Southern Miss because of head coach Larry Eustachy. The former coach at Iowa State had all the troubles and is trying to resurrect his career here. Just keep him away from The Grove....The Eagles look like they have the athletes particularly on the perimeter to hang with the Rebels....Last timeout before the half, six lead changes, and So Miss still leads by one....Announcers saying Ole Miss is playing poorly, but I'm just more impressed with the effort from So. Miss....The Eagles getting into the lane and getting points. Many easy buckets for them....Andy Kennedy is forced to call as timeout as the Rebels have fallen behind by 7 with just over a minute to play in the first half. The penetration from the So Miss guards is killing them now....Good execution by the Rebels at the end of the half to get a three headed to the locker room, but they trail by four at the break. Should be a good second half....Ole Miss has played a little zone to start the second half to try to eliminate the penetration....Ole Miss does a great job getting to the offensive glass and they have second chance points the last two trips....Ole Miss has taken the lead by one at the under 12 timeout - and it is starting to look like the officials are trying to do what they can to make sure the big school doesn't get tagged with a loss....Ole Miss continues to get to that glass - and they are keeping the Eagles in front of them defensively, that has been the difference in the two halves....Angelo Johnson who had 16 points just fouled out for the Eagles, its a tie game at the Under 8 timeout. Should be a good finish....A lot of credit to So Miss who has battled back to a three point lead. They have scored 44 of their 71 in the paint, many off of drives from the guards. Going to need a few more plays to pull the upset....Chris Warren nailed a pair of threes in the last 20 seconds to tie the score at 79. Southern Miss got a bucket in between the threes to push the lead back to three. The Eagles now have a chance with 40 seconds left to get the lead back....Southern Miss got a good look and then a tip and couldn't get anything to go. Ole Miss came up with the ball and Eniel Polynice dunked it at the other end with a second to play. 1.3 to be exact as they have added three tenths. But this valiant effort from So Miss looks like it is going to go for naught. Eustachy just told Awaji "to nail the three and we'll get the hell out of here" He caught the ball and stepped out of bounds. So Ole Miss wins the game....OLE MISS Won The Game 81-79.


The Big 12 school has a huge lead in this one at the intermission. How bout Louisville getting bombed at home by Charlotte today? Didn't they use to play in the Metro Conference?....Washington State can get back in this game. They just have to protect the ball a little bit. I don't think K State can play as well in the second half, but its a long way back....Kansas State has done a nice job of getting offensive rebounds, and immediately looking to players spotting up. They've gotten at least six points that way....


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Am I the only one who seems never to be able to access the internet radio feed for the Mount games?

  2. I'm having a lot of problems with the live video - very choppy - but the radio feed from St. Francis seems to be working fine

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    where is the live video?