Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Syracuse/Seton Hall Live Blog


  1. Very good win on the road against a dangerous team in conference, so kudos to that.

    But some worrying signs:
    * Neither Jardine nor Triche can deal with pressure, which is going to be trouble against the Villanovas and Louisvilles of the world.

    * You can take Rautins out of the game with a decent defender.

    * When we don't rebound, we are awful and consequently, we can't run, which seems like it could be big trouble against the West Virginias and UConns of the world. We were fortunate Seton Hall couldn't make a layup or a free throw.

    * However, when we can get out and run (or against a team that likes to), we'll be tough to stop. Rautins has to get his stuff in transition, and if you're used to high-tempo, the zone is even more frustrating and leads to even more mistakes.

    Sorry I missed the blog, had to coach - and a bad loss for my squad as well. But these things happen.

  2. Seton Hall's Herb Pope is 25-66 (.379) at the free throw line this season, by the way. He is 5-11 from 3, maybe he should just back up.
    And how is Rautins only a 61% free throw shooter. His dad should be embarrassed.