Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mount at Boston U Game Thread

Feel Free to post your thoughts and comments during and after the game in the comment section

The Mount is in Boston tonight. Finally finishing this road trip that started at the end of November and hasn't been very productive. The Mounties did start it with a win at Navy and have a chance to finish it with one at the America East preseason favorite.

The Terriers enter the game at 4-6, but on the heels of back to back wins over Bucknell and Marist.

The Mount beat BU at the ARCC last year in the only ever meeting between the schools. The Mount won going away down the stretch after breaking a 62-all tie on a Kelly Beidler three-pointer out of the corner.

The Mount will need to find a way to slow down John Holland, one of the top scorers in the country. At 6-5 he is a pretty good player, has range on the jump shot and likes to slash to the basket. I assume Kelly Beidler will get the initial call on him, but the Mount may look to do some different things.

If I recall from last year, the Mount's guards were vastly superior, so maybe this a game for Goode and Cajou to get it back going again. Corey Lowe has had a good stroke of late for the Terriers and with all the things he does, might actually be their most important player. Also keep an eye on Jake O'Brien down low. The 6-8 sophomore has a good touch, and can step outside and hit the long range jumper as well.

The only video I could find for the game is available at The School's website and there is a $9.95 monthly fee for the service.

I'll have my thoughts and opinions as the game goes on.

National Anthem in Boston. I'm excited to see what transpires tonight. The Mount is definitely the underdog, but I have a good feeling about where things are headed in this game.

Raven Barber in the starting lineup. WOW

2 quick fouls on Atupem...The Mount once again struggling offensively. 6-2 at the first media timeout. Only a Jeremy Goode fastbreak layup to show for it. Some pressure from BU which could help to speed the play up. But the Mount is really struggling from the field, misses from just about everyone...Goode deep, Cajou, Holland and a pair from Beidler.

The Mount is in deep trouble. They are down 11-2. The offense is very stagnant. They have turned it over twice since Goode left the game. The Mount hasn't scored in six minutes.

It is 13-4 with 11:44 left in favor of the Terriers. The Mount is at the free throw line (Holland) after the break. Jake O'Brien does have two fouls now for BU, which could help the Mount. But the problems aren't in defending BU, its at the offensive end for the Mount.

An 8-0 run for the Mount has brought the Mount back into the game at 13-10. Much of the work done at the free throw line for the Mount (6-of-6) and another fast break layup for Goode.

21-13 with 7:41 left as BU has stretched it back out a little bit. Cajou just picked up his second foul. Beidler had a three in there, but the offense is still struggling.

It's 31-23 - the pace has quickened and this is to the Mount's advantage. When it is a halfcourt game, the offense really struggles. But Beidler and Goode and some good free throw shooting trying to keep the Mount in it.

The score is 39-32 at halftime. The Mount had it back as close as 5, but a John Holland jumper made it seven right before the break. In the halfcourt, the Terriers are the better team. But in an open court game, the Mount has a chance. The pace was very quick the last ten minutes or so. Jeremy Goode made a few plays and had 11 in the first half by my count. We'll see if it can carry over to the second half.

The Mount needs to eliminate so many turnovers...they were in double figures the first half. That has to improve the second half or another loss is coming. They can shoot a little better - and they need to make better decisions. The pace must continue or I think BU will win going away in the halfcourt. But if the Mount gets the up tempo game, they can climb back into this.

In that first half, the Mount got a lot of confidence back. They've scored four straight and forced a BU timeout @ the start of the second half. The lead is just three. Goode has 13, Beidler has 11.

BU has scored seven straight and the lead is back to 10. The Mount gave up a rebound on a missed free throw - and a jumper. Plus they had a turnover at the offensive end and Atupem missed a layup. Atupem seems to be trying to avoid contact inside.

The first media timeout has hit us - its 46-38 with 15:51 left. The Mount is still making mistakes offensively. But it has been better. BU is shooting 50+% from the field. So the Mount still has a chance to get back into this. But they need to cut into it as soon as possible. Get it to a game with 10 to play.

It's gone the other way. BU leads by 17 - as Jake O'Brien has taken over inside and opened up the outside j's for the Terriers.

The Under 12 Timeout has come. The Mount is in the bonus and has a chance to score some points at the line. BU has many guys with 3 fouls and O'Brien with four. But they still trail by 17.

The Mount has cut the lead back to 65-52 on a Beidler three out of the corner. The Mount playing a lot of four on the perimeter tonight. Will Holland is also in double figures. I think Beidler is now the leading scorer

They are at the Under 8. The Mount has two free throws down 13 coming back. Not sure the shooting percentage but it might be a little better than what we've been seeing. But still a lot of misses.

It's 78-67 with 3:37 left. The Mount keeps battling. Keeps fighting. But they still trail by 11 and everytime they do something, BU makes a big shot. The Terriers still shooting better than 50% - so its been a problem for the Mount. Offensively this is the best we've seen in a while. But they've got to make some key stops down the stretch to have a chance to steal this one.

Its Over in Boston. The Mount has lost its sixth in a row. An 86-77 defeat at the hands of the Terriers. Still something to build on over the Holidays. But a lot of mistakes tonight. Vermont is at the Knott Arena after Christmas.


  1. Ray C7:48 PM

    Watching Loyola 46, Indiana 28 at the half. Yikes. Does Tom Crean survive long enough to turn that wrecked ship around?

    UConn band playing the Hartford Whalers' Brass Bonanza song, but they only lead Maine (yes, 60-12 Maine) 26-20 late in the first half.

    Cuse rolling over Oakland, 43-26 late in the first half, might be the last game we don't see on TV this season.

    Also saw USC struggle to put away Western Michigan in Hawaii, they get St. Mary's next, who is better right now, as is their conference.

    Michigan State and Texas both look like they'll be around for a while in March, but I'm sure Rick Barnes will blow it, State up 7 late first half.

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I have seen the future. Mount trounces Vermont and it's all smiles from there. 19-9 going in to the NEC tourney. Then 22-9, then they surprise Purdue and the world faints.

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.