Thursday, December 10, 2009

View from My Couch - Thursday Night

Thoughts and Views from the games I watch


When I was trying to determine what game to watch before the Orange tonight, I saw some numbers that made me very impressed with the Bulldogs. I'm sure many look at their 5-2 record and see they have losses to Richmond and Rider and assume they are not very good. But I think they might be a team that is getting a lot better as the season wears on, and might have just been surprised by the Broncs. I always like the job that Rick Stansbury does....and this team is no exception. They are offensively effective - and have played real solid at the other end since the loss to Rider. A 14-point win over Old Dominion included. I think this is a team that could contend in the SEC this year. DePaul is woefully bad tonight....although some of that is because of being shorthanded - and some of the credit should goto Mississippi State. I think the Bulldogs have a chance to go to LA and beat UCLA on Saturday in the Wooden. Although, I don't like the game in Tampa on Thursday night followed by a cross-country flight and have to play on Saturday schedule. But I'm guessing this might be a game that the public misevaluates. Something to think about....ESPN just named Ravern Johnson the DIFFERENCE MAKER of the Game. He knocked down 4-of-5 3's.

NFL Football


I'll watch a little football during the break between games from Tampa. The Steelers need this game. I'm told that if they win their next four games they won't need as much help as you'd think to make the playoffs. I'm not sure I believe that. Plus based on the first offensive series, I'm not sure it will matter....Doing a little research when the Steelers have the ball. The next three games, the Steelers play the Packers, the Ravens and the Dolphins. Currently, you've got to probably assume that one of the wild cards is going to the AFC Westr (Either SD or Denver). Then Jacksonville is one-game ahead of the Steelers. There are three teams tied at 6-6 with the Steelers. Among them are Miami and Baltimore - two opponents - so if the Steelers win the rest of their games, those teams will each lose one and Pittsburgh will be ahead of them. The other team is the New York Jets. The Jets seem to be floundering and are without QB Matt Sanchez for at least this week. So we'll see. Catching Jacksonville might be more difficult. But the Jags still have next Thursday night's game with the Colts, so they won't be favored there. And I guess what it comes down to, is the Steelers (provided they win all four) would only need help to pass two other teams and it might not be as unlikely as it seems. The big if - to me - would seem to be winning those four games.....If this game were being played on a Sunday afternoon, I'd be disappointed that I was stuck watching it. For now, I'm glad the Orange tips in 20 minutes....The Steelers have to have one of the worst Special Teams Units in football. Its like they take the Greg Robinson - its just an exchange of the football approach....Lucky for Pittsburgh, that A) the punter can tackle and B) The Browns have one of the worst offenses in football. Therefore its only 3-0 Brownies....

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