Sunday, December 06, 2009

View from My Couch - Sunday

Views and Observations from the games I watch

NFL Games


I had written the Giants off for dead after the Thanksgiving loss to Denver. So imagine what I thought when I saw they were down 10-0 to Dallas today. But somewhere between then and now, the Giants have gotten back into the NFC playoff race. Two scores in less than two minutes near the end of the first half was the key rejuvenation. The punt return by Domenik Hixon was one of the best individual efforts you'll see, and just about sealed this game up for the Giants. Dallas has a very tough schedule to finish the regular season. Maybe I need to be concerned about the Cowboys playoff chances. GIANTS Won The Game 31-24.


An early fumble has given the Vikings good field position. Crowd seems very amped up in Phoenix. Not sure I ever thought we'd see that. I remember the days when they played before empty seats at Sun Devil Stadium. Oh what a little bit of winning does. Just saw where the Fiesta Bowl (also in this Stadium) will pit TCU and Boise State. It's a nice matchup. Did they play in the Poinsettia Bowl last year or the year before? But wouldn't you have rather seen one of these teams against Cincy and the other against Florida? Or at least given them the opportunity to prove themselves. Now the big boys will simply say, they still didn't beat anybody....Had to look but I was right, TCU beat Boise 17-16 in the Poinsettia Bowl last year....Cal plays Utah in that bowl this year. Another good matchup....

College Hoops


Somehow I've been impressed with UCLA in this game. But they trail by 12 with under 8 to play, so that isn't doing much for them. Maybe it was because my expectation for the Bruins was so minimal entering this game. Here they are about a week removed from dropping three in the 76 Classic playing the #1 team in the land. It just doesn't sound like a recipe for success. But from what I've seen, I think they can actually be competitive in the PAC 10. Some of that is because the PAC 10 isn't that good - and some because the defense won't go away - and it has been better today. KANSAS Won The Game 73-61.

VILLANOVA VS. MARYLAND Ken Pomeroy FanMatch Game of the Day

'Nova has three three-pointers from three different players to take a 9-4 lead in the early stages of the second game of the BB&T Classic at the Verizon Center in DC....George Washington beat Navy 81-69 in the opener....Best I've seen 'Nova look early in the season....Maryland in trouble early as the Cats have five trifectas - and Maryland guard Grevias Vasquez on the bench with two fouls....Maryland needs to try to weather this hot shooting start for the Cats and then work their way back into the game....'Nova has burned two timeouts trying to beat the Maryland pressure. The first one saved a turnover, the second one came after a turnover....'Nova moving the ball well right now, leading to a lot of those open jumpers....22-11 Villanova with 10:57 to play in the first half....Gary Williams will wait no longer, he's brought Vasquez back into the game. He couldn't wait any longer. But if 'Nova keeps making every look it gets, it won't make any difference. Vasquez has gone back to the bench....Scottie Reynolds from the Metro Area is having a great start in DC....As well as 'Nova has shot the ball (11 3's) Maryland has to feel somewhat good about only being down 11.....Vasquez had a terrible half for Maryland, if they get him going and cool the Cats off a little, I could see them sneaking back into this, but they've got to do it early in the 2nd half....

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