Sunday, December 20, 2009


I watched a pair of games from the world of College basketball today and they both went overtime.

Cornell won an exciting game over Davidson at the Garden on a Ryan Wittman 35+ footer at the horn in OT. The Big Red had tied the game at the end of regulation after Davidson could have made it a three point games but missed free throws.

Then Florida State had a big ACC win at Georgia Tech. Its just the second loss for the Jackets who had started to look pretty good. But weren't very good at all offensively in this game. Both teams had chances to win it in regulation but both struggled down the stretch. Florida State regained control in overtime and was the deserved winner.

In the Ivy, I think that Cornell has to be very careful of the threat that Harvard poses. I think many expect that Cornell will waltz through the Ivy League, but the Crimson have proven early that they can be a factor. Remember the Ivy is the only conference that rewards its regular season champ with an NCAA bid. And only one of these teams is going to go.

Cornell is now 8-2 with losses to Syracuse and Seton Hall and I would think they are still the favorite. They play St. John's at the Garden tonight in the Holiday Festival Final. Harvard meanwhile, has a program building win over Boston College and has lost only to UCONN and an improving Army squad. The two teams play January 30th in Boston and February 19th in upstate New York. Those two games might be the deciding factors in the Ivy. Keep an eye on those games.

Today's win for Florida State is the kind that will be very important in the month of March. It will give the Seminoles a seperation style win against another team that is likely to be in consideration with it. So getting a win on the road will have a profound effect on the tournament committee. And if isn't needed to get the 'Noles into the tourney, it will help bump them up a line or two.

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  1. Ray C5:53 PM

    Totally agree about Harvard, should have been a warning sign when the whole controversy about Amaker surfaced last year, that they seriously wanted to return to the NCAA Tournament. Princeton also appears to be on the right track, but a step behind the top two.
    As always, Go Elis, but they aren't good enough.