Monday, December 14, 2009

View from my Couch - Monday Night

Views and Observations from the games I watch


You've got to give Paul Hewitt and the Wrambling Wreck credit for playing this game. That seems to be a trademark of Hewitt and Georgia Tech of late. Going on the road early in the season, to play at this level school. Last year it was a game at Mercer if I recall. The Mount needs to get on the phone to bring Hewitt this way. Chattanooga jumped to an early lead, 8-2, but Tech stomed back and has been very impressive. FSN just showed the stat that Tech is one of four teams with at least 3 freshman averaging 7 points a game. The other three are Kentucky, Indiana and Oklahoma. Maybe they said BCS schools. Not sure about that. Tech now leads it 64-39 as they have just outmanned Chattanooga.



This game really surprised me and probably shouldn't have. The Cards were coming off a huge win over Minnesota - and the Niners a disappointing loss to Seattle. Based on the fact that Arizona had virtually wrapped up the NFC West title, I figured they'd finish off San Fran on this night. But as so often happens in this league, a team that plays poorly one week - bounces back strongly the next week. And the team that plays well - lets off the accelerator a bit. Classic case here. Somehow I didn't see it coming. Ultimately, because of the results the week before, it doesn't matter much. San Fran still needs boatloads of help to get to the playoffs and Arizona still seems in control. San Fran owns the tiebreakers if it gets that way.

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